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Turkey Real Estate || Investment in properties under construction in Turkey

Turkey Real Estate | In recent times, turkey’s real estate market has been growing dramatically and the Turkish government has made several amendments to turkey’s foreign ownership law, attracting the attention of many foreign investors, especially Arabs.

In this article we will talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a property under construction in Turkey

Non-ready investment projects or under construction in Turkey are an investment target for many investors, because of the high returns and profits that investors earn later but attention must be paid to the risks and disadvantages of this aspect of real estate investment To be able to know these defects and the ways of safety from them and how to get a successful opportunity to invest in real estate in Turkey, we will start by mentioning the disadvantages of this aspect. Real Estate Turkey Real Estate Investment

Defects in investing in a property still under construction:

  • There may be some disruption to the construction company implementing the project, resulting in the project not being completed or delayed in delivery.
  • If you buy a property in Turkey in installments, you may have some stumbles, resulting in you not being able to pay the rest of the installments.
  • After the completion of the sale of the entire project may open many doors to speculation which may force investors to sell at a lower price than expected Turkey real estate

Features and tips to pay attention to when purchasing a property under construction:

  • Be sure to buy the property at the beginning of the offers launched by the established company, as prices in the beginning are encouraging and distinctive, which provides a significant reduction in the first installment and in installments
  • Make sure you pay as much as possible as you can as a down payment, to ensure reduced premiums, which reduces the likelihood that you will be unable to pay the rest of your dues later.
  • Make sure that you agree with the construction company on the right installments for you and you can use one of the consultants of Iltizam Real Estate Consulting Company in Turkey to provide studies and offers that suit you and suit your estimated budget for real estate investment in Turkey
  • Make sure that the location of the property is distinctive and close to public services and that the apartment is in modern designs and modern and with a good view, ensuring strength during the sale of the apartment later
  • Be sure to deal with companies with confidence in the Turkish market
  • Avoid speculating on prices that start immediately after delivery and don’t rush to sell your apartment, because the wheel of sale may lose you a lot of expected profits.
  • After purchasing the property you can benefit from the after-sales services provided to you by Iltizam Real Estate Consulting Turkey Real Estate

Services provided to you by Iltizam Real Estate: Turkey Real Estate || Real estate investment

We at Iltizam Real Estate in Istanbul pay great attention to our valued customers in the study phase to choose the appropriate projects and then the stage of field tours and selection on the ground but the greatest interest in the post-purchase phase, which is a stage where we pay great attention where it is the stage where our valued customers will reap what has been built and targeted so we provide the service of managing real estate property such as follow-up and rental of residential apartments in which our customers want to invest in. As well as commercial and tourism projects and so on until we reach the degree of trust and commitment with our valued customers

To contact one of The Iltizam Real Estate Company’s consultants, you can call:

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