باشاك شهير

Bashakşehir district of Istanbul

Istanbul with its vast area contains many residential areas including new ones and old ones including archaeological places but in general Istanbul is a city to say the least distinctive
In this article we will learn about the best residential areas in Istanbul where housing or real estate investment is recommended.

Bashakşehir Region

Bashakşehir is one of the best areas for Turks and investors to distinguish and provide all the requirements of life and well-being at the same time as it contains many distinctive hospitals and public and international schools, and also contains the largest park in Europe and many gardens of grilling, large mosques, mobile bazaar (market), malls and hotels, and in this article we will list the advantages of housing, stability or investment in the Area of Bashakşehir.

 Arabs in Basakşehir 

Arab investors living in this region acquire a large proportion of the population, the Area of Bashakşehir is a new area characterized by planning and is eager for Arab investors and those who want to settle to enjoy this area higher than most areas of Istanbul and the availability of all facilities and the increase in real estate prices constantly in this area.

Transportation in Basakşehir

In The Bashakşehir area there are many means of transportation that provide easy of movement to all areas of Istanbul. .

Education in Basakşehir

Basakşehir region is waiting for the opening of one of the largest public universities in Turkey and some private universities have been opened and still waiting for the opening of the rest of the universities under construction, as available in Basakşehir many public, private and international schools for all stages of study from kindergarten to high school.

Health in Basakşehir 

Bashakşehir area contains more than 20 state medical institutions between hospitals, health centers and comprehensive clinics, other than the large number of hospitals and private medical centers, as the Area of Basakşehir awaits the opening of the largest medical complex in Europe, which will increase the demand for residence in this area and in turn there will be an increase in real estate prices and this is a good opportunity for those who want to invest in the region of Bashakşehir .

Apartment prices in Basakşehir

For those who want to buy an apartment in Basakşehir, the prices of apartments in The Bashakşehir area start at $800 to $1,300. Prices vary, of course, depending on the location of the property to be bought or invested in. Most investors in Bashakşehir resort to buying an apartment and then rent it to tourists and residents or buy an apartment. After a while, the investor gets a profit with the purchase process. And the rapid sale due to the continuous increase in the prices of apartments in Basakşehir which of course will increase in demand after the opening of the hospital, university and schools.

Rent in Bashakşehir

The area of Bashakşehir has increased the demand of foreign tenants recently because it enjoys all the requirements of life and luxury at the same time, it has opened a famous Bashakşehir on malls, green areas, hospitals, mosques, schools, universities and transportation and enjoy it to rise from most areas of Istanbul and its excellence in the religious and conservative center and the rental prices in Bashakşehir range from 1200 Turkish lira to 2500 Turkish pounds and of course under the price of different places and spaces .

Compliance Real Estate Services :-

We at Iltizam Real Estate company offer our valued customers many services including managing apartments after purchase and supervising their rental and follow-up.
We have many suitable offers and the best purchase price for an apartment in Turkey.

Our offers are diverse and distinctive apartments for sale in all neighborhoods of Istanbul ..
– Apartments for sale in a Bahcesehir.
– Apartments for sale in Bashakşehir.
– Apartments for sale on the sea.
– Apartments for sale in Essenyurt.
– Apartments for sale Beylikduzu.

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Important information before buying a property in Turkey

Many of us are thinking of buying an apartment in Turkey and this article hopefully will help you a lot with some information to know before starting a property purchase procedure in Turkey and we will show you the definition of the most important terms used and the most important points to pay attention to.

God willing, with The Iltizam Real Estate Company in Istanbul, the whole picture will be clear to you and you will make the right decision.

And there are some important interests. :- 

Tabu: – Is the Property deed in Turkey and it is the most important word you should know before buying a property in Turkey and it is the only paper that proves that you owned the property.

Housing Certificate: – Is the certificate provided by the local authorities to the area where the property is located and it indicates that you can start living in the residential complex or in this area, which is also a certificate that the residential complex has been delivered water, electricity and gas and is delivered only when the construction of the property is completed

But if you are going to buy an apartment or house in Turkey under construction, you must check the building permit.

As for the important step is the location of the property or apartment you are considering buying, you should make sure it suits your ambition and the privileges you need.

After choosing the appropriate area, the projects in it, whether under construction or ready to live, are determined according to your current capacity and the need to live quickly or not, as well as to know the services adjacent and so on…

After settling on the area and a specific project, the tabu, the housing certificate or the building permit will be confirmed, and then we start the important stage, which is negotiation, and the appropriate real estate company that you trust to agree with the owner must be selected according to your financial capacity and the budget set for purchase.

We are a real estate company in Istanbul with great experience in the field of real estate marketing and we provide our advice and services to many customers on a daily basis.

Our offers are diverse and distinctive apartments for sale in all neighborhoods of Istanbul ..
– Apartments for sale in a Bahcesehir.
– Apartments for sale in Bashakşehir.
– Apartments for sale on the sea.
– Apartments for sale in Essenyurt.
– Apartments for sale Beylikduzu.

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship 2022 through real estate investment

In recent years, attention has begun to turn towards obtaining Turkish citizenship as an alternative, stable and developed homeland, as it is the closest and most suitable country for Arabs and Muslims in terms of customs and traditions and in terms of the nature of the formation of the people.

Hence, the trend to obtain Turkish citizenship by foreigners in general and Arabs in particular in the recent period, where many Arabs were able to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey.

How to get Turkish citizenship 2022

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, you must own real estate in Turkey with a total valuation of $250,000 and more.

Whether it is one property of this value or several properties, the procedures required to obtain citizenship until receipt of the Turkish passport are required for 3 to 5 months.

We at Iltizam Real Estate are responsible for providing appropriate real estate offers with high investment returns that comply with the requirements for Turkish citizenship.

And provide investment feasibility studies, and also we process and finish the procedures for purchasing real estate and procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship until receiving the Turkish passport.

Turkish citizenship and obtaining it is one of the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey, if many property owners in Turkey seek it, get to know with us the most important advantage of real estate investment in Turkey which is obtaining a Turkish passport, as well as what other ways are available to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The Turkish government issued a new law on Turkish citizenship through investment, allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment in Turkey with a budget of US$250,000 or the equivalent of any other currency, and before the enactment of this law any investor wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship had to invest $1 million in Turkey.

This law also included facilitating procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship and allowing the establishment of joint offices under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Interior and representatives of other ministries to facilitate, speed up and end the procedures in a short time.

In the past, it took six months to complete the procedures for obtaining Turkish nationality, and the Turkish government plans to embezzle and shorten this period to be only one and a half months through stronger inter-ministerial linkage and coordination.

With a quick look, it is clear to us that foreign investors can now obtain Turkish citizenship at a quarter of the old period, which has encouraged many Arab investors to enter into new real estate investments in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship and benefit from the investment return, which is relatively good.

The total price of real estate in Turkey purchased by the foreigner should be more than $250,000 and paid by transferring the amount from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account through a Turkish bank.

The investor undertakes not to sell the properties until 3 years after the date of purchase, where the buyer signs a pledge with the Land Registry Office that he will not transfer the ownership of the properties he bought to apply for Turkish citizenship to any other persons within a period of 3 years.

One of the procedures to be completed after the completion of the purchase of real estate, the evaluation of properties owned by the investor who wishes to obtain Turkish nationalities, and this step is carried out by some companies authorized and licensed by the Turkish government to do so.

Note| The validity of this assessment is only three months.

Papers required for Turkish citizenship

We will talk here about the required papers in case you apply for Turkish citizenship and the reason you applied was to own one or several properties in Turkey at a price of more than $250 thousand

  1. A copy of the tabu document for real estate owned by the person applying for Turkish citizenship.
  2. An original copy of the real estate valuation bond in Turkey for properties owned by the applicant, and the valuation must exceed the minimum amount specified in the law by $250,000 or the equivalent of.
  3. Bank receipts in the amount paid for real estate purchased in Turkey, must be stamped by the Turkish Bank through which the money was sent.
  4. Receipts received by the seller or construction company, and must also be stamped by the bank through which the amount is sent.
  5. Copy of the buyer’s original passport.
  6. Document free of criminal sentences in Turkey.
  7. 2 personal photos.
  8. Fill out the application form for a Turkish passport with the mention that the investor wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship together with his children and his wife if they are present.
  9. For the wife and the kids.
  10. Original passports, translated and billed copies from the notary in Turkey.
  11. Documents prove that children and mothers are free of criminal sentences in Turkey.
  12. Contract or marriage document and if it comes from outside Turkey it must be translated and notarized by the notary.
  13. Children’s birth certificates or any document containing the place and date of birth must be translated and billed by the notary if they are issued from outside Turkey.
  14. 2 pictures for all applicants.
  15. Note: The Turkish Ministry of Interior may request additional documents and vary according to the status of each applicant, and they will inform you of where and how to extract them.


Turkish Citizenship Stages 2022

The following is a summary of the legal procedures needed to obtain the passport for real estate investors in Turkey.

Property assessment phase: The real estate investor in Turkey evaluates his property through companies documented by the Turkish government, and the names of these companies can be identified from the lists within the centers dedicated to granting Turkish citizenship, and it should be noted that companies usually grant this evaluation within three days, and the valuation of real estate must be more than $250 thousand so that you can apply for the Turkish passport.

Extracting the tabu document or title deed from the Land Registry office may require two or three days, where the tax number must be extracted first, then go to the tabu department and register the property officially.

The rest of the papers and other documents mentioned are prepared, translated and certified in the Noter office, for approximately 5 to 10 days, and then handed over to the head office in Ankara.
After that, the rest of the procedures are the prerogative of the Turkish government until the President of the Republic signs the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship.

 Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in other ways

It should be noted that there are several other ways to obtain citizenship for a Turk, including

  • Deposit at a Turkish bank for $500,000
  • Establishing a company and hiring 50 Turkish workers
  • Marriage to a Turkish citizen
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship through exceptional application
  • The Turkish state offers you if it considers that you have obtained its nationality in its interest.
  • Note: Real estate through which you can apply for Turkish citizenship must be the original owner of a Turkish citizen, meaning that the properties of the owner cannot be purchased Arab or foreign regardless of his nationality and apply through it to obtain a Turkish passport.

Nationalities not allowed to obtain Turkish nationalities

Armenia, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Nigeria.
Note: Yemen was banned from obtaining Turkish citizenship, but its citizens were allowed to obtain Turkish passport recently .
Syrians can also obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, but in limited cases .

Why is there an Arab trend to obtain Turkish citizenship?

In recent years, due to the events taking place in most Arab countries and the unrest in them, a large number of citizens of those countries were forced to look for an alternative stable and advanced homeland, and the majority’s attention was directed towards Turkey as the closest and most appropriate country for Arabs and Muslims in terms of customs and traditions or in terms of the nature of the formation of the people.

Also the poor working conditions in the Gulf or even the difficulty of getting a job there or a contract of work towards many countries such as Saudi Arabia for example the Saudization system a lot of jobs all this led to the formation of this Arab trend of living and stability in Turkey and the desire to obtain Turkish citizenship, also the Turkish government’s welcome to the Arab presence in Turkey made it the preferred destination for many

Turkish nationality what are the advantages of obtaining it?
To get Turkish citizenship a lot of advantages including
1- For example, entry to 54 countries without a visa.

2. Using a Turkish passport, you can also enter 26 Schengen countries and obtain their visas very easily.

3. The Turkish passport arrangement for 2021 is 33 globally, according to Passportindex, which specializes in comparing the power of global passports.

4- Also one of the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship is the benefit of the Turkish post-retirement insurance system, which is one of the best post-retirement insurance systems in the world.

5- Also after obtaining Turkish citizenship your children can benefit from high quality education for pre-university stages, and your children also have easy payment plans for university education.

6- After obtaining Turkish nationality, you will be entitled to all political rights, such as Turks, from voting in elections or even running for office in the Turkish state.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship all the details and conditions for obtaining a Turkish passport by investment
Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and we will mention it and explain the most important and easiest ways to obtain it

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through public application and symbolizes it in this way 
Obtaining the Turkish passport through exceptional application and symbolizes it.
Obtaining a Turkish passport by marrying a Turkish girl or young man and his symbol.
Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey
Now we’re going to separate every way to get the Turkish passport separately.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through public submission
In Article 10 and Article 11 of Turkish Law, the conditions to be met have been specified in the person wishing to obtain the Turkish passport through public submission and these conditions are specified as follows:

To be 18 years of age or older, and to be eligible to act on his own law, his country of origin or Turkish law, if he is stateless.

Note: The ability to act means free of mental illness.

He must have stayed in Turkey for five years, continuous and uninterrupted. .
Be prepared to abide by Turkish law and constitution.
Be free of diseases that threaten public health.
To be good manners and well conduct and not to have been accused of any charge of dishonorable in Turkey.
To be able to speak Turkish in an acceptable manner.
To have a career or a job that makes him able to spend on himself and his family.
To be affiliated with any anti-Turkish groups or parties in his home country and not to pose any threat to Turkish national security

The way to obtain a Turkish passport through public application is the best way for workers in Turkey or students studying at Turkish universities.

Obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship
This method is one of the easiest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, if Turkish countries seek to attract MPs or influential people who can be useful to Turkey such as good economic thinkers and those with views that may contribute to Turkey’s rise, whether in.

Economic, social, industrial, sports or any field.
People whose access to a Turkish passport is a necessity.
Obtaining Turkish citizenship by marriage.
In this way of obtaining a Turkish passport there are not many complications or conditions, only after marriage there are some simple conditions such as.

Living as a harmonious family and a stable life free from abuse and domestic violence.
Not to pose a threat to the Turkish nationalist.
It must be 3 years since marriage if there are no children, or you can apply for a Turkish passport after the birth of the first child

But there are several important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and the most important condition, for example, is ..
Buying one or several properties in Turkey for $250,000.
Pledge not to sell the property three years before the date of purchase.
If you obtain a Turkish passport by investing in real estate in Turkey, your wife and children under the age of 18 will obtain Turkish citizenship..
Note: Turkish citizenship can also be obtained by establishing a company or factory and employing 50 Turks, and can also be made by depositing a bank in a Turkish bank worth $500,000 for 3 years.

Papers required for Turkish citizenship
Tax Declaration Form (VAT-4 FORM)
Translated passport copy and documented by the notary.
Social certificate for the applicant for Turkish citizenship whether married, widowed or divorced and the number of children under the age of 18.
Birth certificate for relatives of nationals if there is.
Valid residence permit for at least 3 months from the date of registration.
He arrived from the tax office to pay the tax fees..
Applicants to apply for a Turkish passport by marrying a Turkish citizen must submit a marriage proof document.
The strength of the Turkish passport and the countries allowed to enter without a visa
There are dozens of countries that allow Turkish passport holders to enter without a visa, which is as follows::
Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Tunisia, Albania, , Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Gambia, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, McDonagh, Malaysia, Micronesia, Montenegro, Nicaragua. Panama- Paraguay- Peru – Philippines – St. Kitts and Nevis – St. Louis – Sao tome- Senegal – Serbia – Singapore – South Africa – South Korea – St. Vincent and Grenada – Swaziland – Trinada – Ukraine – Vanuatu – Venezuela.

All these countries are allowed visa-free entry after obtaining the Turkish passport.

There are also a lot of countries that get their visas on arrival such as:
Comoros- Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sudan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Dominica, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nepal, Palau, Samoa, Seychelles, Suriname, Taiwan, Tanzania, East Timor, Togo, Tonga, Tuvalu, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

There are also three countries that grant visas to holders of Turkish passports from the Internet immediately and routinely such as:
Mexico – Sri Lanka – Australia.

The number of countries that must obtain their visa before going to it is 94, including 28 EU member states, which are still under negotiations to lift them, but in general, obtaining visas is very easy for Turkish passport holders.

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Information about Istanbul’s Essenyurt region, living and investing in it

Istanbul’s Essenyurt region and its housing and investment features, its most beautiful tourist destinations, and how far from taksim and the city center

When it comes to Istanbul’s most famous regions, the context of the conversation leads us to the famous Essenyurt region, where is Istanbul’s Essenyurt region? What are the most important advantages of investing in Essenyurt and staying there? What are its most important landmarks, markets and gardens? And what do you know about the vital Essenyurt Square?

We answer these questions and address other important points in the following lines:

* The municipality of Essenyurt in Istanbul has an area of 2,770 square kilometers, and according to recent statistics released by the Department of Public Souls in early 2020, the population of Essenyurt: 954,579 people, and young people make up a large segment of its population, and the population of the region is divided into 43 residential locality within it.

* Essenyurt was established as an independent municipality on 22 March 2008, under Sadr Law No. 5747. The history of urbanization in Essenyurt dates back to the 19th century, when it was an agricultural area pumping its crops to other areas, called ” Essenyurt ” relative to one of its owners.

Where is Istanbul’s Essenyurt region?

* Located in the European part of Istanbul, the Essenyurt region is bordered to the south by the E-5 highway, and behind it are the Avcilar and Beylikduzu regions, overlooking The Kucukcekmece Lake, which is the gateway to the Istanbul Canal Project . New, west side on Lake Buyukcekmece.

* Essenyurt is about 45 km from Istanbul’s new airport, approximately 3 km from the shore of the Sea of Marmara, with an important location and surroundings, and a good transport network.

 How far is the Essenyurt area from Taksim?

* Essenyurt was well and vitally located, with two very important highways passing through it: the E80 and the E5 Highway, which are a lifeline for the entire city, through which Essenyurt can reach all other vital areas of the city.

* The Essenyurt area is about 31 km from Taksim, and Taksim area can be reached by car in approximately 30 minutes at non-peak times, about 1 hour and 20 minutes using public transport, or using metrobus, one of Istanbul’s most important and fastest transportation.

Housing features in Istanbul’s Essenyurt district

* In recent years, The Essenyurt region has become one of the most vibrant areas, due to many of the advantages that have driven investors and many segments of society to live or invest in it.

One of the most important features of accommodation and accommodation in Essenyurt:

  • Its acceptable location in terms of proximity to the city center.
  • Competitive property prices for the rest of the other regions.
  • Relatively low property rent.
  • Good municipal services and abundant service facilities.
  • Its proximity to the modern Beylikduzu and Basaksehir area.
  • The dynamic and fast road network it serves.
  • Essenyurt is also known for its cheap popular markets, in parallel with many important malls.

4. Essenyurt Markets

Istanbul’s European region of Esnewort hosts more than 20 large shopping malls, as well as dozens of other popular markets and shopping malls.

Perhaps one of the largest malls in Essenyurt, the most important of which are: Marmara Park Mall, The Toriumm Mall on the E5 Highway, adjacent to the Beylikduzu area.

Among the most important popular vital markets: Essenyurt Square and Bazar Thursday.

5. Essenyurt Meydan

Essenyurt Square is a clear picture of the nature and diversity of the region, with Essenyurt Square being one of the most active areas in Essenyurt.

The square is heavily popular for shopping from its various stores, or dining in its restaurants with different kitchens.

You will also not miss those restaurants that serve many Arabic dishes, which were opened by the Arabs there in response to the wishes of the growing Arab community for which Essenyurt has chosen a stable.

Essenyurt Square is decorated with the Central Mosque of Essenyurt, which was built in the style of ancient Ottoman mosques.

6. Erdogan Essenyurt Park

Essenyurt has more than 60 children’s gardens and 10 large gardens that are an important outlet for its inhabitants.

Among the most famous gardens are Essenyurt: Martyrs’ Park, Erdogan Park, or President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Garden.

Transportation in Essenyurt

 The E-5 and E-80 motorways are the life bloods of Istanbul and pass at the northern and southern ends of Essenyurt, two of the most important routes leading to it..

On the E-5 route, the Metrobus/ Metro bus, which provides the Essenyurt region with one of the most important and fastest transportation in the city, allows the area to be connected to other areas and Asian Istanbul quickly and smoothly.

The area is close to the D100, the TEM road and the associated roads, which facilitates access from all over the city.

Work is under way to build a subway road through the Territory of Essenyurt, which will reach the city center in record time, and is expected to serve more than 70,000 people per day..

8. Investment advantages in the Essenyurt region

With increasing numbers of modern residential complexes, Essenyurt is appealing to many those who want to own property, whether for accommodation or investment.

Essenyurt lured investors with its modern complexes, accepted real estate prices and apartments, population density, and by virtue of its proximity to the most important modern areas of European Istanbul, such as the modern and strategic Region of BasakŞehir and the modern and strategic Beylikduzu region.

9. Advantages of buying an apartment in the Essenyurt region

One of the most important features of buying an apartment in the Essenyurt region:

  • There are many modern complexes in them.
  • Relatively acceptable real estate prices.
  • Its proximity to Bashakşehir, which is one of the most important and active real estate areas.
  • Its location adjacent to the E5 and E80 motorways, providing a strong link to the city center and other areas.

Yeni Ayoub IL-A73 Project

Yeni Ayoub IL-A73 Project

The project is located near the historic Fatih area with a charming view of the Golden Horn Bay within the Ayoub region on the European side of Istanbul 
The apartments in the project are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship 

Project features

  • The project area is one of the landmarks of Istanbul because of the presence of a number of historical and tourist places, the most important of which is the Mosque of Sultan Abi Ayoub Ansari.
  • Sultan Ayoub is a tourist attraction thanks to the cable car, which is a transport from Golden Horn Bay Beach to the most famous outdoor café, Pierre Lottie Café.”.
    where the residence is in a complete environment . 
  • The project is close to Tim International Road, one of the two most important routes in Istanbul, connecting Eastern European and Central Asian countries.
  • The project is close to all the transport links that connect it throughout the city, which makes it very easy to move between the two ends.
  • The project is surrounded by a group of schools, universities and educational centers, most notably Bilgi University and Sultan Mohammed al-Fatih University. 
  • The project is close to shopping malls, the most important of which are Mall of Istanbul, Venice Mall and Jawaher Mall.
  • Close to the project are many health centers and government and private hospitals, the most important of which is Ayoub State Hospital and Acibadem Hospital.

Project details

The project was built on 10,700 square meters of land and consists of 7 buildings with a total of 389 housing units.

The models of the housing units in the project are 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and different areas suitable for the needs of small and large families ranging from 64 to 179 square meters.

Project apartments are suitable for Turkish citizenship requirements for those wishing to obtain them through real estate investment .

Project Services

The project includes many social and recreational facilities and services that meet the wishes of people of all ages.

  • Sea view

·  Metro Station

·  Turkish bath

·  Earthquake-resistant construction

·  Gym

·  Stores

·  Children’s play areas

·  Indoor pool

·  Outdoor pool

·  Closed parking

·  Sports Club

·  Pool Hall

·  sauna

·  24-hour security guard

كولكت افجلر

Collett Avcilar project

  • Collet AVCILAR is located at the European end of Istanbul in the Avcilar region.
  •  The area overlooking the Sea of Marmara and began practically to grow and expand as of 1980, where there was a rapid urban movement that is expanding and increasing in number, all accompanied by an active and sophisticated industrial movement around the port area.
  • Avcilar region is one of the most important real estate investment areas in Istanbul next to the new Istanbul Canal and near transport hubs such as metro and Ataturk Airport as the new Istanbul Airport adds distinctive value to the project.  

Project features

  • A unique opportunity to own, invest and acquire Turkish citizenship.
  • Collet AVCILAR is close to the sea and the small Lake Istanbul Kucukcekmece, and its residents can have breakfast or lunch on the beaches of the charming city of Istanbul. 
  • In addition to Avcilar Beach, which is full of entertainment, barbecue, restaurants and cafés, in short, The Avcilar area is a fairly central commercial tourist area in Istanbul..

Location features

  • Two minutes from the E5 main road
  • minutes from TEM Highway
  • min Pelican Mall
  • min Istanbul University
  • minutes metrobus station
  • Bus station opposite the project
  • minutes Lake Kucukcekmece
  • 12 km from Ataturk Airport.
  • 25 km from Istanbul’s new airport
  • km Avcilar coast
  • km from the famous Marmara Park Mall
  • Metro station opposite the project 2023

Project Services

  • Green spaces and waterways.
  • Children’s play areas
  • Conforming to building conditions in reducing the risk of earthquakes.
  • Smart House System.
  • Meeting rooms
  • cinema
  • Shopping mall
  • Shopping areas for everyday items
  • Outdoor pool open
  • Indoor swimming pool closed
  • Steam rooms
  • sauna
  • Turkish bath
  • Football/tennis/basket courts
  • Gym/Health Club
  • 24-hour camera security and surveillance service
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Closed/open parking

Istanbul Canal Project

The Turks describe it as “the project of the era” and “the largest work to be done in the history of the Turkish Republic”

It’s the Istanbul Channel project announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he was prime minister in 2011.

The canal project, which will enhance Turkey’s position in the field of water crossings, links the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea in the European part of Istanbul.

Through the establishment of the Istanbul Canal, the Turkish government aims to reduce the movement of ships in the Bosphorus.

It also seeks to minimize damage to dangerous materials carriers, as well as to remove random buildings on the track.

Excavations have begun on the project’s overall route (2017)

As part of the project, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime collaborated with a large number of institutions, most notably the Ministries of Environment, Forestry and Water Affairs, Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Energy and Natural Resources.

In addition to the Municipality of Istanbul and the Department of Collective Housing “Toki” of the Turkish Prime Minister.

During the appointment of the canal route, the Ministry of Transport also hired a large number of Turkish and international experts.

Artificial Islands

The Directorate General of Road Roads will build bridges and an emergency port as part of the canal project.

The Ministry of Transport has drawn up the initial plan for the project, while the winning company will be responsible for preparing the implementation plan.

The dust of the canal excavations is to be used to establish industrial islands in the Marmara Sea, fill coal mine drilling, as well as build recreation areas.

Earthquake resistant

During the preparation of the project’s initial plan, it was found that the canal would not be adversely affected by the possible tsunami.

During the preparation of the scheme, wind gust statistics were taken into account for about 25 years to come.

Storms and deep sea waves were also studied in the Black Sea and Marmara.

The scheme was also designed so that the two banks of the canal were not affected by waves caused by the passage of ships in the corridor.

Despite leveraging the experience gained in other channels such as Panama, Suez and Kiel, the Istanbul Canal will be built in ways that create and technology of its own.


Strada Project

Strada project is a famous dialect

Strada project is an apartment complex containing apartments for sale in the Bahcasehir  area of Istanbul, Europe

Strada project is a housing unit of 2,500 structurally divided into 3 stages, the first ready for housing and the second under construction received in 09/2021, while the third phase is still under planning. 

Project features


Strada has a total land area of 102,000 square meters.

·  85% of Estrada’s land is for green spaces.

·  The number of buildings in the second phase is only 6 buildings while it is based on an area of 25,000 square meters

·  Strada apartment styles are available from 1+1 to 5+1 duplex

·  Estrada’s complex is also surrounded by 112 shops” shopping, cafes, restaurants, clothing stores . . . “Within a street that will be called Italian Street.

·  Strada also has beautiful views of the valley of the famous Bahcesehir region.

·  The project is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship 

Bahcesehir Area

Bahcesehir area is administratively affiliated with The Basakşehir region and is famous for its lightning and green color as it is called the city of gardens, as it is one of the areas of expansion Istanbul towards the northwest, and the Strada project is located within its new section closest to the new airport road as it features close proximity to the site New Istanbul Channel 

Location features

 The project is located within the most important transport forum association in Istanbul between Ataturk Airport and between the third airport and the Yavuz Salim Bridge, which contributes significantly to the increase in investment value in the region day by day

  • minutes to the famous Bahcesehir pond, French Street, Nation Park.

·  20 minutes to Istanbul Airport 

·  15 minutes to Ataturk Airport

·  20 minutes to Kuzey Marmara Highway

·  10 minutes to Avrupa Highway

·  25 minutes from Aqua Floria Mall

·  10 minutes to The Akbati Shopping Centre

·  10 minutes from Istanbul Mall

·  12 minutes to Istanbul Canal

·  20 minutes to the third bridge.

·  E80 Motorway

  • Turkish public schools at various stages 
  •  International private schools with English curriculum
  •  Private and public hospitals in the region .

Complex Services

  • sauna
  • Steam bath
  • Massage rooms
  • Massage rooms
  • Open pool – closed
  • Children’s pool
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Gym
  • Protection 24/7
  • Surveillance cameras

Apartment features

  • Kitchen fittings
  • Finishing the whole house
  • Wood floor
  • Central heating

Taksim 360 project – in the heart of Istanbul for luxury seekers

Located next to the definition-rich Taksim 360 Square, rich in civilization, culture and ancient history, Taksim 360 occupies a unique heritage piece in the center of Istanbul, its heart, which is full of both history and the spirit of modern life, which has made it an essential tourist destination for all those who have set foot in its land..

Taksim Square and The Beyoglu District, where the project is located, embody an authentic part of Istanbul’s history through lands and buildings that tell the history of the era and eras of the region and still write the present by combining the largest unique construction projects, which preserve the past and integrate it with the present to draw a new urban model like no other in the region.

About the project:

The project is one of the largest in Istanbul and one of its most construction projects reflects the future of tourism in the city center due to the fact that it is the only modern residential complex located meters from Taksim Square as well as the unique engineering mechanism used in His Building based on the integration of historical buildings with modern construction that preserves the historical dimension and the past of the place.

The project covers a wide area of 9 building blocks with a height of 6 floors with hundreds of units of different styles, from apartments and hotels and 96 library apartments with shops also allocated an area of 16,000 square meters in addition to an indoor parking space of 1000 cars.

Project features

The project is suitable for those looking for the city center and housing next to the tourist areas.
The project is adjacence to Taksim Square, which means easy access to all important areas of the city.
The centrality of the project and its position in Taksim significantly increases its investment value.


Estova Kagit hane Project

Kagit Hane region, located in the European part of Istanbul, is known for its proximity to the city’s tourist and historical centers and its cultural characteristics, as well as its embrace of a large cultural and historical heritage that extends for a long time, and in recent years has become at the forefront of the investment areas of the city and has established many residential, commercial and service projects..

Details of the Estova Kagit hane project

The Estova Kagit hane project occupies an area of 7,000 square meters, with an estimated construction area of 80,000 square meters, consisting of 4 buildings up to 16 floors high, including 500 apartments in patterns ranging from 1+1 to 1+5, with charming views of the city and the project garden through balconies and spacious terraces..
The project enjoys many recreational advantages, such as the Olympic Swimming Pool and the Turkish Bath with its Ottoman originality, through the sauna and steam rooms, as well as the gym with its artistic equipment, as well as snooker lounges, various games, music and photography, as well as the theater hall, meeting hall and events, to 40 shops designed to be a shopping role, restaurants and cafes.

The importance of the site of the Estova Kagit hane project

Surrounded by many key services from hospitals, schools, universities and shopping malls, the project is just:

  • 3 minutes from Metro Kagit Hane.
  • 5 minutes from Istanbul Valley Mall.
  • 5 minutes from Belgrade’s forests.
  • 20 minutes about Taksim and Independence Street.
  • 30 minutes from Istanbul International Airport.

Housing and investment importance of The Estova Kagit Hane Project

The mere fact that the Estova project in the Kagit Hane region has gained many residential and investment benefits, especially since it is considered the gateway between old Istanbul and modern Istanbul, and its location adjacent to the forests of Belgrade and the Gulf of the Golden Century and its vicinity to the city centers and the E-80 International Road has increased its importance and raised the importance of residential projects that are racing to build there, in addition to the fact that the project “Estova” provides many residential options that meet all the wishes of investors.

exen is

Exen Istanbul Project

Project features:

  • The project is strategically geographically located at the Asian end of Istanbul in the Chamlica region, one of the most beautiful and important areas of the city, which also includes a number of tourism and investment attractions such as the Bosphorus and Uskudar region..
  • Close to the project is the Chamlica Tower, Istanbul’s tallest building with many restaurants and cafés with charming views, the 15,000-square-meter Chamlica Mosque, the largest in Europe and Turkey with a capacity of 63,000 worshippers at a time, as well as a puppet petal with a charming view of the Bosphorus.
  • The project’s location is close to many of Istanbul’s pulsating arteries, such as E-5, E-80 and near all transportation such as the metro,metrobus and bus stations, as well as its proximity to universities, schools, health centers and shopping malls in its area.

Project details:

  • The project is a magnificent architectural masterpiece and is considered one of the largest real estate projects established on one sector of land in Turkey with a construction area of 188,000 square meters.
  • The project area is 155,000 square meters with a total of 1,088 housing units.
  • The project consists of 17 architectural blocks with medium heights containing 491 apartments and a 43-storey high-rise tower with 574 apartments with hotel services.
  • Multi-choice housing units to suit the needs of families and families small and large smart home system and great finishes.
  • Existing apartment models start from only one room to 4 rooms and a salon and in a variety of spaces from 36 to 335 square meters.

Project Services:

  • The project constitutes a free-standing neighborhood with its residences, offices, shops and integrated entertainment services.
  • Huge green spaces and indoor gardens add an atmosphere of fun and relaxation with an area of 25,000 square meters.
  • 6,000 square meters of water bodies and lakes.
  • Open and closed pools. Walking and jogging trails.
  • Sports city equipped with the latest international equipment.
  • Sauna, steam and Turkish bathroom.
  • Playgrounds and gardens for children.
  • Golf course, football and basketball.
  • Indoor gym with billiards, table tennis and computer games.
  • Hotel services … Meeting room and visitor reception hall.
  • Indoor and outdoor parking.
  • Restaurants, cafes and shops.
  • 24-hour surveillance and security cameras.

Park Mavera Complexes – Istanbul European in Bashkşehir Region

Basakşehir is the new city center of Istanbul as it includes the major development projects of the Turkish government such as the Istanbul Canal project, istanbul new airport, the largest medical city in Turkey and other vital projects, apart from acquiring large green spaces that gave it a moderate atmosphere good seasons, which led to attracting many residential and commercial projects that bear the signature of the major construction companies in the city due to the increased demand for housing in it.

Details of the Park Mavera Project 3

Park Mavera 3 has an area of 50,000 square meters, consisting of 9 buildings with modern designs and heights of up to 16 floors, including 723  apartments, with wide styles and options ranging from a studio to five rooms and a lounge, with integrated kitchen fittings, and extensive views of botanic park opposite the project apart from other views of the city through the spacious balconies.

Park Mavera 3 has a unique selection of the entertainment world of the closed swimming pool and the ancient Turkish bath, passing through the sauna room and gym with its technical equipment, as well as the children’s nursery and the project garden with spacious green spaces and family sessions next to the water tables, to the commercial market of 120 shops of shopping houses, restaurants and cafes.

The importance of the site of the Park Mavera project

Residential and investment importance of ownership in the project:

Bashakşehir is the new center of Istanbul, owning land suitable for large investments in the city, and continues to grow in conjunction with increased private sector investment in it, in addition to the continued government investments starting close to the new Istanbul International Airport through the Istanbul Canal project to start drilling next year to be a response to the Bosphorus when it opens in 2023 We cannot fail to talk about the opening of Basakşehir as the largest medical complex in Europe with 456 intensive care beds, as well as the largest botanical garden in Turkey, which is 3 km from our Park Mavera 3 project with an area of 380 1,000 square meters, down to several subway stations, Hawaray and tram  stations under construction, scheduled to operate in the next few months.