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Turkey’s real estate market where is it headed?!

Turkey’s real estate market where is it headed?!

In an interview with Al Arabi 21 with Professor AbdulMutallab Arba, head of the Islamic Economics Department at Istanbul University, the leader of several questions, including

Q: Where will we see the real estate sector in Turkey in the coming period?
Is he still attractive to foreign investment?
Or will he back down in the future?

Professor AbdulMutallab’s answer was as follows

AThe real estate sector in Turkey enjoys great attraction due to the relative and competitive advantages that always make it the leading country in the world attracting real estate investment, where this has been proven for years and continued in an upward curve that achieves profit and profitable investment returns for all members of this promising sector.

Turkey enjoys growing population growth annually, jumping from 1.3% to 1.6%, and continues to increase in average per capita income, which is driven by ambitions to acquire better housing. In terms of buying foreigners, let’s not forget the impact of Turkey’s unique position and resources on attracting investors.

We expect a jump in the real estate sector during and after the COV crisis, and it is enough to announce that real estate sales in January 2020 increased year-on-year by 56%, and the reduction in bank returns pushed accumulated and deferred demand to the completion stage of transactions .

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