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Düzce City

It is one of the provinces of Turkey where it is located in the Black Sea region and has ancient Greek ruins, it is one of the cities of northern Anatolia.

The city of Duzce enjoys its strategic location, located between the capital Ankara and Istanbul.

Located in northwestern Turkey, Duzce is about 215 km from Istanbul..

The city of Duzce is characterized by its unspeakable beauty, the greenery of its plains, waterfalls and mountains covered with diverse green trees, rare plants, its mild climate and the nature of its beaches with distinctive beaches made it a tourist destination worth visiting, so the city of Duzce is named after the city of “Waterfalls and Lakes””

The city of Dozge consists of seven villages: Gomiari- Chlemli, Akchakoga, Yekelga, Gomoshova, Qalaka and Kainashali.

The city has many natural attractions from green plains such as Tobok Plain and Burenley.

And many waterfalls such as Aidan Pinar, Samandra, and Quzal Dra, which rises about 630 meters above sea level.

Duzce is one of the fastest growing destinations for rubber boat rowing in the world, adventure and water mathematics on the slopes of the Melan River..

Top attractions in the Turkish city of Duzce

Quzal Dra Waterfall

This waterfall is characterized by the beauty of its waters descending from the high mountains, where tourists and many lovers of adventures and mountain ascent, and ends this waterfall at the last point, the top of the mountain, where there are huts, restaurants and markets..

Eden Pinar Falls

Aidan Pinar Falls is 10 km from Duzce city center.

These waterfalls feature famous restaurants, especially in fish cooking..

Eden Pinar Falls is calm, wonderful and natural..

Milan River

A very suitable area for camping and rubber boat rowing, which is the best for water sports enthusiasts.

Vakeli Cave

It is about 30 km from The City of Duzce, located in the town of Akchakoga, and is 1017 meters long..

The Vakili Cave is a very important tourist kiss for tourists, especially historians and researchers, as it contains archaeological and historical inscriptions adorning the cave..

Jennifer Beach and Castle

About 40 km from Duzce, It is located in Akshakoga.

It is one of the most suitable places to camp out and do barbecues because of the beauty of its water.

Jennifer Castle is characterized by its Ottoman-era heritage and huge walls..

All of this has enhanced the status and importance of Duzce, as it is ranked one of the best tourist trips in Turkey.

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