Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

To obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey you must own real estate in Turkey with a total value of $250,000 or more. Whether it is a single property of this value or several properties, the procedures required to obtain citizenship need to be received in a period of 3 to 5 months.

Acquiring Turkish citizenship and buying real estate in Turkey

The Turkish government issued a new law regarding the ownership and real estate investment of foreigners in Turkey, where the law allowed foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment in Turkey with a budget of $250,000 or their equivalent of any other currency, and before the issuance of this law any investor wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship had to reach the volume of his/her investments in Turkey 1 million dollars.

The law also facilitated the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship and allowed the establishment of joint offices under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of interior and representatives of other ministries to facilitate and expedite the proceedings in a short time.

In the past, it would take 6 months for the Turkish government to complete the procedures for obtaining Turkish nationalities, and the Turkish government plans to reduce and shorten this period to be only a month and a half by linking and coordinating between ministries more strongly.

Briefly, foreign investors can now obtain Turkish citizenship at a quarter of the old cost, which has encouraged many investors to enter new real estate investments in Turkey to acquire Turkish citizenship and benefit from the relatively good investment return.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

 The total price of real estate in Turkey purchased by the foreigner must be more than $250,000 and paid by transferring the amount from the buyer’s account to the seller’s account through a Turkish bank.

The investor undertakes not to sell the property until 3 years after the date of purchase, where the buyer signs a pledge with the Land Registry office that he will not transfer ownership of the property he /she bought to apply for Turkish citizenship to any other persons within a period of 3 years.

One of the procedures to be completed after the completion of the purchase of real estate, the evaluation of real estate owned by the investor who wishes to acquire Turkish nationality and is carried out by some companies authorized and licensed by the Turkish government to do so.

Documents required for Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship and the reason for your application was to own one or several properties in Turkey at a price of more than $250,000.

  • A copy of the Tabu document for real estate owned by the person applying for Turkish citizenship.
  • An original copy of the real estate valuation bond in Turkey for properties owned by the applicant, and the evaluation must exceed the minimum amount specified in the law by $250,000 or equal to them.
  • Bank receipts for the amount paid for real estate purchased in Turkey must be stamped by the Turkish bank through which the money was sent.
  • Receipts are received by the seller or construction company and must also be stamped from the bank through which the amount is sent
  • A copy of the buyer’s original passport
  • Criminal Records Certificate
  • 2 personal photos
  • Fill out the Turkish passport application form with the stated that the investor wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship along with his children and his wife if they are present

Spouse and the children.

  • Original passports and translated copies from the notary in Turkey
  • Criminal Records Certificate for children and spouse
  • A marriage contract or a marriage document, if it comes from outside Turkey, must be translated and not written by the notary
  • Children’s birth certificates or any document containing the place and date of birth must be translated and not provided by the notary if they are issued from outside Turkey.
  • 2 personal photos for all applicants.

Note: The Turkish Ministry of Interior may request additional documents that vary according to the status of each applicant, and they will inform you where and how they are extracted.

Stages of Turkish nationality 2020

The following is a summary of the legal procedures needed to obtain the passport for real estate investors in Turkey.

1-Real estate valuation phase: The real estate investor in Turkey evaluates his property through companies documented by the Turkish government, and the names of these companies can be found from the lists located within the centers dedicated to the granting of Turkish citizenship, and it should be noted that companies usually grant this valuation within three days, and the valuation of real estate must be more than $250,000 to apply for Turkish passport.

2-The Tabu document or title deed from the Land Registry Office may require two or three days, where the tax number must be extracted first, then go to the Tabu Department and register the property officially.

3-The rest of the papers and other documents mentioned, translated, and certified in the Notre’s office are prepared for approximately 5 to 10 days and then delivered to the head office in Ankara.

After that, the rest of the procedures are the prerogative of the Turkish government until the President of the Republic signs the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in other ways.

It is worth mentioning that there are several other ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, including a deposit in a Turkish bank for $500,000 the establishment of a company, the employment of 50 Turkish workers, marriage to a Turkish citizen, the acquisition of Turkish citizenship through exceptional application, or the offer of the Turkish state if it deems that you have its nationality in its interest.

Note: Properties through which you can apply for Turkish citizenship must be the original owner of a Turkish citizen, meaning that the property of a foreign owner cannot be purchased, regardless of his nationality, and apply through it to obtain a Turkish passport.

These are nationalities that are not allowed to obtain Turkish nationalities: Armenia, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and Nigeria.

Note: Yemen was banned from obtaining Turkish citizenship, but its citizens were recently allowed to obtain Turkish passports.

Syrians can also obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment but in limited cases.

Advantage of Turkish Citizenship

1- Free visa entry to 77 countries.

2- Using a Turkish passport, you can enter 26 Schengen countries and get their visas very easily.

3- Turkish passport is ranked among the top 30 passports in the world.

4- It is also a privilege to obtain Turkish citizenship to benefit from the Turkish post-retirement insurance system, which is one of the best post-retirement insurance systems in the world.

5- Also after obtaining Turkish citizenship your children can benefit from high quality education for the pre-university stages, as your children have easy payment plans for university education.

6- After obtaining Turkish citizenship you will be entitled to all political rights such as Turks from voting in elections or even running for a position in the Turkish state.

Ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.

There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and we will mention it and explain the most important and easiest ways to obtain it.

  1. Obtaining Turkish citizenship through general submission
  2. Obtaining the Turkish passport by special application
  3. Obtaining a Turkish passport by marrying a Turkish citizen
  4. Acquiring Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey

Turkish citizenship through general application

In Article 10 and Article 11 of the Turkish Law, the conditions that must be met by the person who wishes to obtain a Turkish passport through public submission are specified, and these conditions are as follows:

  1. To be 18 years of age or more, and to be competent to act by himself according to the law of his country of origin or according to Turkish law if he is without citizenship.

Note: Eligibility to act means free of mental illness.

  1. He must have resided in Turkey for 5 continuous years without interruption.
  2. To be willing to abide by the Turkish law and constitution.
  3. To be free from diseases that threaten public health.
  4. To be of good character, good conduct, and behavior, and not have been accused of any dishonorable charge in Turkey.
  5. That he can speak the Turkish language in an acceptable way.
  6. To have a profession or a job that makes him able to support himself and support his family.
  7. That he does not belong to any groups or parties hostile to Turkey in his native country and does not pose any threat to Turkish national security

This way to obtain a Turkish passport by public application is the best way for workers in Turkey or students studying in Turkish universities.

Turkish citizenship through special application

This method is one of the easiest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, if the Turkish countries seek to attract talents or influential people who can be beneficial to Turkey, such as those with good economic thought and viewpoints that may contribute to the elevation of Turkey.

  1. The economic, social, industrial, or in any field …
  2. People for whom obtaining a Turkish passport is a necessity.

Turkish citizenship through marriage

In this method of obtaining a Turkish passport, there are not many complications or conditions, only after marriage there are some simple conditions such as …

  1. Living as a harmonious family and a stable life free from domestic abuse and violence.
  2. Not to pose a threat to the Turkish national security.
  3. 3 years must pass after the marriage if there are no children, or it is possible to apply for a Turkish passport after the birth of the first child

Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

 Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey is one of the fastest ways, as all procedures are completed, obtaining a Turkish residence card, and obtaining a Turkish passport only within 4 to 6 months.

However, there are several important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, and the most important conditions are:

  1. Buying a property or several real estate in Turkey at a price of $250,000.
  2. A pledge not to sell the property three years before the date of its purchase.
  3. In the case of obtaining a Turkish passport by investing in real estate in Turkey, your spouse and children under the age of 18 will obtain Turkish citizenship with you.

Note: Turkish citizenship can also be obtained by establishing a company or factory and employing 50 Turks, and it is also possible through a bank deposit in a Turkish bank of $500,000 for a period of 3 years.

Required documents


  1. A copy of the translated passport and notarized by the notary.
  2. A social certificate for the applicant to obtain Turkish citizenship, whether he is married, widowed, or divorced and the number of children under the age of 18 years.
  3. Birth certificate for relatives of citizenship holders, if any.
  4. A residence permit valid for at least 3 months from the date of registration.
  5. A receipt from the tax office.
  6. For those applying to obtain a Turkish passport by marrying a Turkish citizen, a marriage proof document must be presented.

Turkish passport strength

There are dozens of countries that the Turkish passport holder can enter without a visa:

Iraq – Libya – Morocco – Sultanate of Oman – Palestine – Jordan – Qatar – Tunisia – Albania – Antigua and Barbuda – Argentina – Bahamas – Barbados – Belarus – Belize – Bolivia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Botswana – Brazil – Brunei – Chile – Colombia – Costa Rica – Dominican-Ecuador-El Salvador-Fiji – The Gambia – Georgia / -Guatemala – Haiti – Honduras – Hong Kong – Indonesia – Iran – Jamaica – Japan

Kazakhstan – Kosovo – Kyrgyzstan – Macau – Macedonia – Malaysia – Mauritius – Micronesia – Moldova – Montenegro – Nicaragua – Panama – Paraguay – Peru – Philippines – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Louis – Sao Tome and Principe – Senegal – Serbia – Singapore – South Africa – South Korea – Saint Vincent and Grenada – Swaziland – Trinidad – Ukraine – Uruguay – Vanuatu – Venezuela

    Visas upon arrival:

    Comoros – Bahrain – Kuwait – Lebanon – Sudan – Armenia – Azerbaijan – Cambodia – Cape Verde – Ivory Coast – Djibouti – Dominica – Guinea – Bissau – Madagascar – Maldives – Marshall Islands – Mauritania – Mozambique – Nepal – Palau – Samoa – Seychelles Suriname – Taiwan – Tanzania – East Timor – Togo – Tonga – Tuvalu – Uganda – Zambia – Zimbabwe

    There are also three countries that grant visas to Turkish passport holders from the Internet instantly and routinely:

    Mexico – Sri Lanka – Australia.

    As for the number of countries whose visas must be obtained before going to them, they are 94 countries, including 28 member states of the European Union, and negotiations are still underway to raise them, but in general, obtaining visas for those countries is very easy for Turkish passport holders.

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