Turkey’s transportation system

Istanbul transport ation is characterized by a modern and varied land, sea and air transport network, This makes it one of the major tourist cities in the field of transportation and transportation, with many modes of transport that contribute to the easy movement of local and foreign residents.

Istanbul Transport

Ametrobus fast transport line, One of the longest and fastest transportation lines in Istanbul, And his buses are double-length and wide, The Metrobus line is considered independent where it is not affected by traffic congestion It has two to-go lines and each istanbul metrobus station is equipped with a card-filling machine in Istanbul.
Istanbul kart card is used in all means of transport ation in the city, It is considered as an electronic wallet similar to that used in many other European cities, Like a Card or Leicester in London and Charlie’s card in Boston.

Istanbul card is used by placing it near from a specific device near the driver when riding the internal transport bus, Where the amount is deducted Your fare from the card.
This card is sold at commercial kiosks and kiosks Small that sells newspapers, And close to the main positions.

It is also worth mentioning that your arrival at any metrobus station clearly means that you can move anywhere in Istanbul to cross many metrobus stations with metro stations, tram-fi and important transportation stations in Istanbul, In case you are lost, you can ask anyone to show you the right means of transport to take you to the nearest Metrobus station, From here you can return to the areas you know.

Istanbul Via Tram

Running from 6:00 a.m. until midnight, It is considered the most useful means for tourists of Istanbul transport ation as it passes through all the main tourist areas of the Old City such as the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia Museum, The Palace of Top Kapi and the Grand Bazaar,the spice market“Egyptian market in Istanbul”and goes to Bayezid and Sultan Ahmet Seriji and TheAminonu region,and the Galata saray bridge down to the golden horn, as it can be used
To reach Ataturk Airport

For tram Fi 4 lines these lines are:

-T1 connects Bağcılar and Kbataş, the longest tram line in which 31 stations

-T2 up between Taksim division and Shishhani Şişhane

-T3 arrives between Judge Koi Kadıköy and Moda Moda

-T4 arrives between Lover Lar Habibler and TopKapi Topkapı

Istanbul Buses

Istanbul has three major bus stations, Istanbul’s major international bus station Buyok Autogar in Bayram Pasha on the western side of the Bosphorus is accessible by metro, And harem autogar station on the eastern shore of the Bosphorus north of Haidar Pasha station As well as Emniyet Garajı station.
Bus travel is considered easier and cheaper, The most popular travel routes in Turkey, run by dozens of large and small companies, are modern, comfortable and air-conditioned, and are available for some entertainment such as snacks, drinks and even free Wi-Fi and Internet connections.
Passengers are advised to make sure that the bus is going in your right direction and you can ask locals to alert you when you arrive at your destination as a tourist and do not know the routes well or you can use the Google Maps is very tidy and shows all the information about the roads in Istanbul and shows the state of the road first

Istanbul Subway

Works from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. twelfth night non-stop and the train stands in Each station is about 40 seconds.
Various metro stations are scattered on the streets The main station covers every important tourist place within the city

There are 6 subway lines in Istanbul connecting Many of Istanbul’s main district centers are distinguished by their independent ways which passes most of its movements from underground and separates Istanbul’s six metro lines are as follows:

Line -M1

It’s called metro. Axray is the longest subway line in Istanbul, It has 18 stations on the main line as well It has a five-stop sub-line connecting Ataturk International Airport to Yeni Kapi Station.

Line -M 2

It is an old dividing line with 16 stations, From Haci Osman station to Yenikapı, It connects very upscale areas and is considered one of the shopping areas for wealthy tourists

Line -M3

It’s called the “Olympic line,” And it goes through 11 stations, From Kirazlı to Paşakşehir and its most important stations:

Olimpiyat Olympics: Branching from the ektelli station ikitelli sanayi metro line reaches the Olympics “Ataturk International Stadium” and this line is important in reaching The Mall of Istanbul, which is famous as the nearest metro station on the mall is Astoch İstoç, and future projects to be completed in these areas may increase the importance of the m3 line.

M4 Line

Metro line in the Asian section of Istanbul, And it arrives. Between Kadi Koi Kadıköy and Tavşantepe Tavşantepe, this line is a good service for mobility within Lively neighborhoods and neighborhoods in Asian Istanbul, It is planned that the Taffshan Taba station will be connected The metro line is currently under construction at Sabiha Asian Airport, which will make this even more important. The airport later.

Line – M5

It is also called the Marmaray line, which passes from beneath the Bosphorus, To be the first metro in Istanbul passes from underwater and the second subway in Istanbul Asia, It is an important addition to transport ation in Istanbul Because it connects its Asian and European parts. Represents an important link for the two largest regions Two divisions in the Asian section of Istanbul “Urbanümraniye and Escodar Üsküdar” where they connect with the European section, And it’s used by a lot of people to move around. Daily between the two sides of Istanbul. The line is also planned to be extended to Sultanbeyli and Kurtköy.

M6 Line

It is the shortest metro line in Istanbul, with only 4 stations, this line acquires its importance from the arrival of Levent Station, one of the finest neighborhoods in Istanbul, and includes many Arab consulates including: The Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. The line also reaches the Bosphorus University.

Ships or small ferries

Shipping is one of the most important transportation of Istanbul for the residents of this beautiful city, Especially since the seas are surrounded by all sides of the Sea of Marmara, The Strait of the Golden Horn, Bosphorus Strait, And the Black Sea.
The ferry ride makes you forget that you are on a public transport ship where you can feel the breeze and see amazing vistas along the way as you get tea, coffee or even cater to seagulls

Large transport ferries have been operating in Istanbul since 2010 and offer services to more than 45 cities and Bosphorus cruises are among the most popular trips, along with Golden Horn and Princess Island.
The Istanbul Deniz Ferries are sea buses that transport passengers to several destinations in Istanbul and although they are not serving many tourist destinations, they are the best way to reach other destinations throughout the city and connect these ferries between the Bosphorus strait and the Sea of Marmara.
These ferries and fast-moving cruise buses form the main link between the mainland of Istanbul and the Princess Islands.

Istanbul Taxi

In the past Istanbul was famous for its yellow taxis, The biggest drawback is because of its drivers, some of them are reckless and others are crooks and the second category is very widespread where the driver overcharges the taxi even though all the cars in this category have meters but they pretend that they do not work to force you to pay exorbitant fares
Drivers also circumvent passengers, especially foreign ones, by walking through longer roads that waste time and cost the traveler more money, But recently the Turkish authorities have launched several campaigns to arrest violators and fraudsters taxi drivers, which has led to a significant improvement in taxi service but also must be paid attention, In general, public transport in Istanbul is easy and easy and is spread throughout the city.

Dolmesh or Mini Boss

are small yellow cars like taxis, and operating from early morning until late at night, Including Sunday
This means is often more direct than the internal transport buses, And it allows you extra time to explore the city compared to a bus or tram, And being cheaper than taxis, It saves you more money.

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