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  • Real estate and investment consulting

We provide this service for you The necessary information that helps you to see real estate and investment projects a complete vision, in terms of costs, expected returns, supply and demand for these real estate projects.
The tasks of the real estate consultant begin with studying the validity of the property for investment and the subsequent procedures necessary to confirm ownership of the property and the project.

The Turkish market has special conditions, as the demand for investment projects in Turkey is constantly increasing, which led to an increase in overall performance and a decrease in risk, so you have to know all this information, as well as the most demanding area in Turkey, which is Istanbul, so the most important point is the accuracy of the choice, the money that you will put in real estate projects It must be managed with precision and professionalism, in order to achieve the desired goal of profit.
We are iltizam company for real estate consultancy, we are happy to serve you and provide consultancy services to the fullest extent and will not be limited to residential real estate projects only, but also commercial, tourism, lands and commercial projects through a specialized team of investment experts and we will be next to you until all the required conditions are completed and the service is performed to the fullest.

  • Real estate consultancy service from commitment includes: -

Providing all the information required for the investment project and creating a safe investment strategy, taking into account the desires of investors, and we make a complete strategy in order to be able to clarify all matters related to investment through market and competitive analysis and a full feasibility study. Take the necessary decision and be with you before and after the purchase in the after-sales service

  • Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing in Turkey will not be an administrative or service job only, but rather a technical and scientific function in the first place, as we do this job by studying the current and future needs and desires of customers, and on this basis we study all available projects and choose what suits our valued customers according to their requirements and according to the budget. The right financial thing for them.

We study our esteemed clients on several scientific bases and allocate for each region and country a different study in order to suit the projects presented to them and so that we can provide the needs and desires of all our valued customers in the offered projects
Our first concern is the right choice, and our motto is that we do not sell to our customers, but rather buy them as we have a specialized team that scrutinizes projects and studies them well and takes care of the characteristics and features of each project in order to suit the needs of our valued customers.
We also adhere to the important values in the sales process of commitment, transparency and credibility in dealing. We also measure the success of the real estate marketing service by the degree of satisfaction of our valued customers and the volume of their interest in us and as we open permanent communication channels with our esteemed customers and provide after-sales service to the fullest in order to ensure that all desires are fulfilled. Our valued customers and their goals.

Likewise, the selection of the real estate marketing service team is done with great care and on the basis and conditions that must be met by every individual in them of credibility, honesty and commitment, and to have the ability to listen well and take notes and the desires of each client and pay attention to every detail as well as his ability to choose the right projects suitable for each client and so on. The important things that must be met in every real estate marketing team in order to always be at the good expectations of our customers

  • Real estate tours and airport reception

We offer in iltizam Company the reception service and field tours between the proposed projects, and this stage begins after studying the appropriate real estate projects according to the desire of each client, and then the field tour service begins directly for those who are inside the Turkish territory. We are waiting for them and receiving them at the airport and we, as a commitment company, pay great attention to our customers residing outside Turkey, where we receive them at the airport and provide all their requirements and deal in a sophisticated and welcoming manner that our customers forget travel fatigue and we, in cooperation with our customers, develop a regulatory program and depend on this on a qualified staff to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction with Dear Customers.

  • Real estate management in Turkey

We in iltizam company pay great attention to our valued customers at the stage of study to choose the appropriate projects, then the stage of field tours and selection on the ground, but the greatest interest is in the post-purchase stage, which is a stage in which we pay great attention, as it is the stage in which our valued customers will reap what has been built and targeted, Therefore, we provide a real estate management service, such as following up and renting out apartments that our clients want to invest.
As well as commercial and tourism projects and so on until we reach the degree of trust and commitment with our valued customers in order to be at the level of appreciation, and to be a strong network of relationships with our customers based on love, trust and desired cooperation, as well as commitment with our valued customers so that we are at the level of appreciation and to be a network of complex and lasting relationships With our valued customers, we are based on love, trust and cooperation to achieve all desired goals.

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