Tourism in Turkey 2021

Tourism in Turkey 2021

Tourism in Turkey 2021

Hagia Sophia, Bosphorus Bridge, Sultanahmet District, Taksim District, Duden Waterfalls, Black Sea and Marmara Beaches, Princess Islands, Girl’s Tower, and more.

These are Turkish tourist attractions whose fame has reached all over the world and because of them, Turkey occupied the highest ranks of tourism and became the preferred destination for many lovers of tourism and touring, which contributed to the rise of the Turkish economy and was reflected in the construction growth and the real estate sector in the country.

Turkey, the favorite country for world tourists

Turkey is a destination for tens of thousands of tourists of different nationalities and countries, and it is still achieving a significant increase in the number of tourists. With its diverse landscapes and tourist attractions, it is the first and preferred destination for most tourists, and tourism companies in many countries organize tourist trips to Turkey annually And Turkey, in turn, opens its doors wide and welcomes the incoming tourists with a hearty and warm welcome.

What are the most important factors attracting tourists to Turkey?

Tourist attractions in Turkey vary, as there are very impressive historical tourist places, mountain and coastal tourist cities, perfect landscapes, sea views, monuments, security and tranquility, availability of tourist resorts and residential hotels and their willingness to serve tourists Always, the availability of a lot of tour companies to organize tours and many more.

Tourism in Turkey in 2021

Tourism in Turkey started this year with record numbers greater than expected after the great success achieved by Turkey in combating coved-19, according to official statistics, and Bulgarian tourists ranked first in terms of the number of tourists coming to Turkey, and Georgia came in second place, then Russia and Germany, and Iran.

What is the best area for tourism in Turkey 2021?

The city of Istanbul came in the first place in terms of the number of tourists in the current year 2020, as the city of Istanbul contains many places and attractions, historical and archaeological such as Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Toppi Kapi Palace.

Edirne came in second place, then Antalya, which is distinguished by its natural landscapes and pleasant and moderate atmosphere, and is also rich in archaeological monuments such as Duden Waterfalls, Antalya Museum and Water City and others, then Artvin, and finally Ankara.

Is it better to visit Turkey in the summer or winter?

In the summer, many tourists come to Turkey, especially from countries with a high temperature climate such as the Gulf states, Arab countries in general, America and Asia, where Turkey’s summer climate is characterized by moderation, and in winter Turkey is a destination for sports lovers and winter activities such as skiing, and for snow and rain lovers, where it is a country rich in high mountains, where its nature is suitable for practicing all the fun winter activities.

What are the costs of tourism in Turkey 2021?

Turkey is one of the least expensive countries in the case of tourism compared to similar European countries, and in order to roughly calculate what the cost of tourism in Turkey is, you need to collect the following costs: airline tickets that may differ from one airline to another and from one country to another, transportation fees in the country where Turkey provides a network Public transportation is available to everyone, and its cost is reasonable, the fees for booking a hotel or hotel apartment, and also the prices here range according to the evaluation of the hotel, so you can choose what you want according to your budget.

As for the costs of entering the tourist areas, they are considered very acceptable and symbolic, and we still have the cost of shopping and purchasing, which varies from one to another.

How did the tourism activity affect the real estate sector?

Because of Turkey’s scenic beauty and its famous landmarks, huge numbers of tourists flocked to the country and this led to the desire of some to settle in Turkey and live in it. Companies that provide apartment management services) and some have tended to buy real estate using the stock system, where you can own a specified period of time annually in a tourist resort as permanent ownership, benefiting from it annually at good prices.

Some investors and business people also tended to buy and resell the apartment and take advantage of the high profit margin that the Turkish real estate market achieves permanently.

Turkey is a tourist country with distinction, offering its visitors various services and tourism needs at reasonable prices, and it ranked sixth in the world in terms of tourism activity.

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