Green Houses Complex

  • The complex is centrally located in the important Konya region in the center of Antalya tourist city.
  • The complex’s location combines proximity to the seaside with green, forested mountains at the same time, in a pure environment full of tranquility and tranquility.
  • The complex is located close to schools, education centers and major roads and transportation in Antalya, as well as adjacent to a number of health centers, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes scattered in the beautiful Konya region.
  • The complex offers apartments in a contemporary architectural style, in accordance with the latest construction techniques and thermal and water insulation.
  • The complex also has many options for regular apartments and duplexes.
  • The project includes a range of fun social and recreational facilities that meet all the needs of the population.
ايوب السلطان

Ayoub Sultan Complex – Luxury Apartments and Good Prices

 Now own your apartment in central Istanbul in Ayoub Sultan district and 1 minute’s distance from all government transportation and services.

  • Apartments with a building system of 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 in a complex consisting of three buildings 9 floors high and with great views of Istanbul.
  • The residential complex is integrated with social services and facilities “parking – – gyms – gyms and swimming pools – and will be secured and monitored 24 hours a day”

Exclusive price reductions only with Iltizam Real Estate.

For inquiries and appointments, you can contact one of our consultants by phone: 00905442144476

Focus Eyüp Project

The project was built on an area of 6000 square meters, 50% of its area is green and consists of 168 apartments.

Apartments with a variety of sizes 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, the complex consists of 3 blocks each of them from a height of 9 floors.

In addition to two types of views “views of Istanbul and another green front view of the forest”

The project includes social facilities and services as follows:

  • Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi
  • Swimming pools
  • Gym
  • cinema
  • Guest rooms
  • 24-hour security and surveillance cameras. 
  • Parking
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What is real estate valuation in Turkey?

Real estate valuation in Turkey is one of the most important reasons and factors of reassurance among those wishing to invest real estate in Turkey, as the evaluation of real estate became a mandatory requirement before the purchase of any property in Turkey after it was required only for properties whose papers will be submitted in the file of the application for Turkish citizenship.

What is the real estate valuation in Turkey?

Real estate assessment in Turkey or valuation is a report issued by companies documented and mandated by the Turkish government’s Housing and Construction Department, mainly aimed at preventing fraud and preventing the purchase of apartments more expensive than their price.

The real estate evaluation is explained in its report to clarify all the services and status of the property to be purchased from the services and status of the real estate and the surrounding area and the legal status of the property and to ensure that everything is clear to you our valued customers will explain in this article the details in full.

To obtain a real estate valuation or valuation document, it takes approximately 4 days to a week, after submitting the application to the competent company, including the duration of the arrival of the real estate valuation report in Turkey by mail.

The real estate valuation document in Turkey is valid for three months from the date of its issuance and anyone who wants to sell the property before the expiry of the valuation of his property can use the same document again as long as it is valid and the period allocated to it (three months) has not expired.

Why has turkey’s real estate valuation law been passed?

  • Turkey’s Land Assessment of Foreigners Act was initially passed as a mandatory condition only in real estate acquisition procedures for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  •  Turkey requires a foreign investor who buys real estate in Turkey and wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship to have a minimum real estate price of US$400,000 or the equivalent in Turkish lira according to the exchange rate of the currencies when purchasing the property.
  • Property valuation in Turkey in such a case ensures that prices are not manipulated.
  • It was therefore necessary for the buyer to produce a real estate valuation document in Turkey to confirm that the price of the property corresponds to the minimum price of the property nominated for Turkish nationality.
  • But in the middle of the second month of 2019, the Real Estate and Tabu Records Department of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in Turkey issued a circular stating that foreigners should obtain a real estate valuation report in Turkey during the process of purchasing or selling real estate in Turkey.
  • This is a mandatory requirement for foreigners in Turkey and came into force on 4 March 2019.

What is the benefit and importance of Turkey’s real estate valuation law?

Turkey’s real estate valuation law has been passed for several reasons, including:

  • Protecting foreigners from fraud in Turkey

So that no foreigner buying real estate in Turkey falls victim to fraudsters, and so that he does not have to pay imaginary amounts on real estate that may not be at the required level or worth this amount, the decision of the real estate valuation in Turkey came to cut off the way for those who want to cheat foreigners and sell them cheap real estate in Turkey at imaginary prices.

  • Increased real estate investment security Turkey

The feeling of security and comfort of the foreign investor in Turkey is one of the reasons for his stay there and increase his investments and projects, and even its diversity as well.

The increase in property purchases in Turkey, especially in the first half of 2019, reflects the satisfaction and security felt by real estate investors and buyers in Turkey, especially after the decision to evaluate real estate in Turkey.

  • Adjusting the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

As mentioned, applying for a Turkish passport through real estate investment requires a certain limit for the property to be suitable for Turkish nationality “at least US$400,000, so officially valuing real estate helps to control the application of this requirement and ensure that there is no manipulation of real estate prices.

On the other hand, the real estate valuation in Turkey gives those who want to invest in their property after obtaining Turkish citizenship confidence in the high value of their property, and the eligibility of this property to invest and introduce a profit commensurate with what he paid

  • Preventing property tax evasion in Turkey

Turkey aims to control the evasion of real estate taxes, which are usually associated with the price of the property, without the existence of this law it would have been easy for those who wanted to manipulate to register their luxury property at a very low price, allowing them to evade the payment of higher real estate taxes.

But with turkey’s real estate valuation law, this has become impossible to cut off the way for mortgage evaders in Turkey..
If all foreign investors in Turkey commit to pay taxes and abide by the laws, this will significantly improve the image of foreign investors in Turkey and prevent a negative image of them..

  • Property prices set in Turkey

The main objective behind Turkey’s real estate valuation law may be to control prices and prevent the negative impact on turkey’s urban development plans, for example if Turkish plans are aimed at further recovering a region or carrying out an urban transformation, property prices must rise, but what is the proportion?

This is what real estate valuation in Turkey can control, if prices rise to a level outside the normal and familiar limits, especially because foreign investors in Turkey buy real estate in modern projects, this will reduce the percentage of buyers due to high prices.

If it is disciplined at a certain value and studied by experts and real estate institutions, the rise in the price of the property will be appropriate and disciplined, so many cases can be measured where poor control of the price of the property in an area is a major cause of urbanization plans and residential development.

  • Improving and developing turkey’s real estate investment system

Turkey’s real estate investment sector is one of the most successful and developed economic sectors and indicators of rising real estate sales to foreigners remain the best proof of this.

That’s why the Turkish government is constantly seeking to strengthen this sector with its concessional systems, which increase the number of investors and reduce the number of those who are afraid of real estate investment in Turkey..

In this context, the evaluation of real estate in Turkey and its obligation to foreigners was one of the most important improvements made during the recent period in the real estate sector in Turkey, and one of the decisions encouraging the increase in real estate investment in the country.

It is expected that by 2022, it will also be mandatory for Turks to extract a real estate valuation document when selling and buying a property in Turkey, as part of a package of reforms and developments that will affect Turkey’s real estate sector.

What is in turkey’s real estate assessment report?

The real estate evaluation document in Turkey contains a lot of information:

  • Title deed information (tabu) and real estate registry of the property.
  • Information about the address and location of the property, and the means of transportation nearby.
  • Legal information on the property
  • Special specifications within the property, such as construction method, decorations, finishing, floor, design and views.
  • Problems and disadvantages that the drug may face
  • Information about the price of similar properties on the market
  • Approximate valuation or real estate valuation of the property
  • Extensions and other information

The most important idea in the law and condition of real estate valuation in Turkey is to facilitate and facilitate the sale and purchase of real estate in Turkey, and the continued development in the laws and regulations controlling real estate ownership, which show a positive development towards making more real estate investment opportunities in Turkey and attracting more foreign investors.

For more inquiries, to answer your queries and get apartment and property offers for sale in Turkey, you can contact one of our consultants via contact or WhatsApp after clicking on the following number: 00905444333589

  1. What is the real estate valuation in Turkey?

Real estate valuation in Turkey or valuation is a report issued by companies documented and expensive by the Turkish government’s Housing and Construction Department, and the evaluation aims mainly to prevent fraud and fraud and prevent the purchase of apartments more expensive than their price in the market.

  • What is the benefit and importance of Turkey’s real estate valuation law?

There are several benefits, the most important of which is to protect foreign investors from fraud and increase the security of real estate investment. Preventing real estate tax evasion in Turkey.

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Why should you think about real estate investment in Turkey?

Real estate investment in Turkey

 Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important investments, especially in the charming city of Istanbul, because real estate investment is one of the best investments in Turkey that returns profit to investors and there is no loss often because real estate is a fixed asset that even if there is a recession the real estate market quickly returns to recovery and a stronger return than it was like the recession that occurred in the first quarter of 2007 and at the end of 2007 the real estate market registered in Turkey itself is among the strongest real estate markets in the world and recorded strong rises and high profits thanks to the economic strength of Turkey, which reserved itself a seat within the club of the 20 most economically powerful countries in the world..

When real estate investment comes to mind directly that the investment is meant by buying an apartment in Turkey only and this is an incorrect belief because the meaning of real estate investment is to buy an apartment, plot of land or shop, and here may come to our mind a question which is why we invest in Turkey?

Why invest in Turkey:

Investing in Turkey has several advantages, the most important of which will be mentioned in two points.

  • Access to Turkish citizenship

In this case, when purchasing a property or several properties at a price of 400 thousand dollars, Turkish citizenship can be obtained, which allows the holder of her passport to enter 121 countries without a prior visa and the investor enjoys free medical insurance and free education at all stages except university stage..

 In this case, when purchasing a property for any amount, whatever the investor is entitled to permanent residence in Turkey, he can enter and leave Turkey at any time and at any time and his children enjoy free education at all stages except the university stage, which is also at a cost at Turkish public universities.

Turkey and Istanbul are particularly famous for visiting large numbers of tourists who come to it all year round for tourism, touring or therapeutic tourism in Turkey, and of course visitors need to rent apartments

As an investor, you can take advantage of the property and invest it in rents, for example, which brings you as an investor profits of up to 8% per year in addition to the constant growth of the price of real estate. 
We are at Iltizam Real Estate company from our after-sales property management service in terms of sale and leasing. 

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New Istanbul Canal Opportunities and Challenges

The Turkish state is making one of the most important future investments that will significantly affect the Turkish economy in the coming period. Construction work has begun on the new Istanbul Canal project, which Turkey is seeking to double the pace of construction in the coming period due to the severe sensitivity experienced by cargo ships as they pass through the Bosphorus as a result of the heavy congestion. The canal is expected to be 45 km long and will link the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara.

Once the canal was announced, land prices and surrounding projects began to rise, a huge investment that investors began to look at, especially since real estate investment is one of the most profitable and high-yielding areas. Perhaps notable are the fortunate opportunities for some landowners in the area around the canal’s construction site, for example, the price per meter in the village of Shamler has risen from $6.50 per square meter to $184 per meter and in some areas has risen from $25 to $800.

One of the most vital municipalities overlooking the canal is the Arnaut Koi region. It is located on the European side of Istanbul and is bordered by Sultan Ayoub, Bashakshehir and Essenyurt to the south-east, Buyukcekmecr to the south and Catalca to the west.

The region is characterized by its weather as one of the best weather rituals in Turkey.

The place also has many tourist and archaeological places such as palaces scattered throughout the city.

This region is very attractive to investors and to foreign investment.

Villa and office projects are one of the most successful real estate projects in the city and the quality of construction and the different types and forms of real estate ensure that all opportunities in this region are made the most of.

One of the biggest advantages of the Arnavutkoy region is its proximity to the Basakşehir region, which is characterized by a very large spread of Islamic features and the majority of its residents are Arabs and committed nationalities such as Afghans, Chechens and others.

The region is also characterized by many services close to it, such as Istanbul’s third airport project, the world’s largest botanical garden and the world’s largest medical center.

All these services make real estate investment or buying property in this region one of the best decisions that can be made in this period, especially with the economic fluctuations that are currently occurring where the Real Estate Division of Turkey said that real estate prices are expected to rise by 60% next year so the opportunity is currently limited to buy before the price changes according to the change in the price of the Turkish lira.

The area also has many international and government schools, imam and khatib schools, which makes it possible for the family to choose the most suitable school for their children without worrying about distance or how they reach schools.

Istanbul may be one of the busiest cities in the world, but work is under way to increase transportation and transportation projects, particularly metro lines, which may reach the construction of a metro line almost every year recently.

The standard of living in Turkey is also very low compared to the Gulf and Arab countries in general. Turkey enjoys political stability compared to all Arab countries, making it an excellent choice for all those wishing to settle down.

Turkey also has many powerful universities around the world where students come from all walks of life, especially Istanbul, which has more than 40 universities. Enrolling in a high-quality university as well as its proximity to the housing area makes stability in the city one of the best options a person can take for the future of his family in the current period.

As for those who want to invest in Turkey, this region is an excellent opportunity, especially since it is located on the Istanbul Canal first. Secondly, because real estate in general rises annually in Turkey at a very high rate and the deterioration of the lira in the current period and the current lack of rise of real estate according to the new exchange rate makes investment in the current period in Turkish real estate a golden opportunity that may not be compensated, especially for those wishing to invest and obtain Turkish citizenship.

In this area, you can invest in many projects such as residential and agricultural land, offices, purchase of prefabricated properties or properties under construction.

Iltizam Real Estate Investment company is one of the leading companies in this field and provides many opportunities and projects in the region.

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New Istanbul Channel

New Bosphorus

Have you heard of the Istanbul New Channel project or the so-called “Al-Asr” project?

What is the Istanbul Channel project and what is its location?

It is a project of a waterway parallel to the Bosphorus Strait, extending in western Istanbul and connecting the Black Sea channel north of Istanbul to the Sea of Marmara in the south 45 km long and 150 m wide and up to 25 m deep.

The canal begins south from Lake Kucukcekmece, a natural lake, extending north to the sazlıdere Dam, then the village of Shamler, all the way to the Black Sea.

What is the importance of the Istanbul Economic Channel and what are the benefits to Turkey?

According to projections and studies, the Istanbul Canal will give Turkey a great advantage in the international transport trade

The Istanbul Canal will affect the prices of the surrounding land, as the price per meter of land has risen to $184 out of $6.50, and in other areas the price has reached $800.

The new Istanbul Canal will also result in strong material income for Turkey other than the Bosphorus Strait, from which ships pass without paying any fees, and according to the Turkish government’s expectations, the Istanbul Canal project will represent the income of more than eight billion dollars a year, in exchange for tariffs paid by ships to pass through it, since the canal will not be subject to the Montreux Agreement, which provides for freedom of navigation in the Black Sea Straits, including the Bosphorus..

Accordingly, it will benefit Turkey and transfer it significantly and give it a competitive advantage in the field of international transport trade.

Area around Istanbul Canal

A city will be built around the new Istanbul Canal project and will be one of the most important landmarks that will play a major role in increasing profits in the tourism, commercial and investment sector and a major development in real estate construction in the area around the new Istanbul Canal.

Some information has emerged about the city to be built around the new Istanbul Canal

  • The city will include a large part of the 39 million square meters of agricultural land intended for construction in Arnautkoy.
  • A 2 million square meter logistics center will be set up near the entrance to the Istanbul Canal on the Black Sea coast.
  • A large medical center will be established in the Baklalı region, which will provide health services in all medical and therapeutic specialties, as well as a hospital, health guidance center and spas.
  • Water and botanical gardens, pedestrian and bike routes will be built in green spaces, to be built near Lake Tekros with an area of 1.5 million square meters.
  • Two smart cities will be built on the basis of horizontal architecture, with a maximum population of 500,000 people. The two cities will have construction standards, including low horizontal architecture, with a maximum height of 5 floors and low population density.

·        What will push ships to cross from the new Istanbul Canal and have to pay the fees with another strait from which they are entitled to pass free of charge!

·        The Bosphorus is one of the busiest waterways. It has the highest navigation density in the world.
The average annual movement of ships in the Bosphorus Strait is about 40,000 ships per year. The Bosphorus Strait has a capacity of only 25,000 ships per year. In 2019 alone, 53,000 civilian and military vessels passed through the Bosphorus, compared to 17,000 that passed through the Suez Canal and 12,000 passed through the Panama Canal.

·        There have been many serious incidents due to this increase, disrupting the movement of ships and causing enormous losses to the world’s economic movement.

·        In this case, the departure of ships to the new Istanbul Canal, which is characterized by fast traffic, would be the best and logical option..

·        This takes us to the revenues from it to Turkey...

·        According to economic estimates, the new Istanbul Canal project will be a source of income and strong financial profit for Turkey and will be compensation for the funds deprived of the Bosphorus strait due to the Montreux Agreement.

·        It is estimated that the profits of the new Istanbul canal will be in the range of 8 billion dollars a year, and that the revenues will cover the cost of the entire project within two years. Turkey will be the only one in control of it politically and economically, and the canal will not be subject to any agreements, unlike the Bosphorus.

·        Through the Istanbul Canal project, Turkey aims to reserve its position among the top 10 countries in the world.

·        Do business owners care about this project? What’s the point?

·        Turkey will create a new strategic location, a striking and distinctive site and will have a great impact in encouraging internal and external investment of Turkey and the new Istanbul Canal will provide many and great opportunities in real estate investment and real estate projects, will be an excellent site for the construction of residential projects, restaurants, malls and hotels overlooking the canal, making it a great opportunity to invest real estate in this area characterized by its view.

·        The date of the project’s launch

·        The idea of the new Istanbul Canal project has been put forward at least 7 times throughout history.

·        The oldest dates back to the reign of Sultan Suleiman al-Qanawi, and then the idea moved to the sultans after him but was not implemented because of many obstacles.

·        Until the Turkish government announced in 2011 its intention to implement the project, then began the first phase of implementation in 2013 and is expected to be the total opening of the channel in 2025  

·        Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the first bridges of the Istanbul Canal project will be laid in late June.

·        The Istanbul Canal project was first announced 12 years ago, he said, adding: “We can’t wait any longer, because we will build six bridges over the canal.”

·        “Now we’re going to lay the foundation stone for the first bridge so we can speed up the pace of work, and then we’re going to lay the foundation stones for the other five bridges.”

·        “I want to create new human beings as part of the Istanbul Canal project,” he said, adding that “two giant cities will be built on both sides of the canal, with 250,000 houses each, and will serve as a whole city in the heart of a city.”

·        He noted that 200 scientists are working with the project and preparing the necessary plans to preserve the natural and cultural values in the project’s construction area.

·        He added that the government will continue with the intention of completing the project “New Istanbul Canal”, pointing out the possibility of cooperation of Turkish and foreign companies to implement it, in accordance with the model of “construction, operation and transformation”.

·        Turkey plans to build the “New Istanbul Canal” on the European side of the city, after the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul has been transformed into one of the most sensitive sea straits for cargo ships, as a result of traffic congestion.

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Turkish export train arrives in China

Turkey’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adel Qara Ismailoglu announced the completion of the first Turkish export train to China directly, arriving Saturday in Xian.

“The Turkish export train completed its journey from Istanbul to Xian, China, non-stop,” Qara Ismailoglu tweeted.

He added that the Turkish export train showed the whole world how strong turkey is, in every city it has passed through.
He continued: The Turkish Minister of Transport that the Turkish export train project is a new achievement for Turkey in the field of transport by rail.

The train set off on December 4th on a direct trip to China, and a farewell ceremony was held at The Kazli Jisham station in the European part of Istanbul, in the presence of a large number of officials, most notably the Minister of Communications and Infrastructure.

The train travelled 8,693 kilometers (5,402 miles) crossing Europe and Asia, the Marmara and Qazouin seas and five countries “Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China”

Turkey’s Achievements

This Turkish intercontinental export train project is part of a series of large-scale Turkish projects recently pursued by Turkey aimed at restoring Turkey’s global leading role.

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Inheritance law in Turkey after the death of foreign nationals who own property in Turkey

With recent changes to Turkey’s property ownership law, it has become easier for foreigners to own propertyQuestions have increased as to what the status of real estate in Turkey will be in the event of the death, exit or withdrawal of Turkish nationality from foreign nationals.

We will briefly and clearly clarify the most important points regarding the inheritance law for foreigners in Turkey.

Inheritance according to Turkish law

In accordance with Article 20/2 of Law No. 5718, the provisions relating to inheritance, possession and division are subject to Turkish state law.
Also in article 20/1 of the Turkish Inheritance Act, inheritance is subject to national law, which means that Turkish law will be applied in relation to the property of the deceased in Turkey without regard to the nationality of the mother he holds.

In other words, the law of the country of nationality of the deceased person will not be applied, but the Turkish Inheritance Act will be applied with regard to his or her property in Turkey.

How do foreign national heirs enjoy their rights in Turkish inheritance law?

After the death of a foreign person who owns real estate in Turkey and regardless of whether that person or his heirs are Turkish citizens or not, foreign nationals benefit from all legal rights relating to that property.
For this reason, it requires the extraction of the inheritance inventory document extracted from the Turkish courts in order to carry out the transfer of real estate in Turkey to the legal heirs.

This means that a legacy inventory document must be obtained from a Turkish court because the transfer of real estate in Turkey will not be carried out with a legacy inventory document issued by a foreign country, “i.e. the mother state of the deceased person.”

How to get a legacy inventory document in Turkey

The legal heir of the deceased foreigner must translate the document of the inventory of inheritance or restrict souls into Turkish and ratify it from the notary and apply to the Magistrate’s Court in the area where the property is located to issue a document limiting a legacy used within Turkish territory and institutions. 
Because the issuance of the inheritance inventory document is an urgent procedure, this document will be secured by the court within a short period of time.
After obtaining the inheritance inventory document, the Directorate of Real Estate Records is approached and the transfer of the property register to the legal heirs is carried out with ease.

The papers that are briefly required are:

  1. Translation of the inheritance accounting document issued by the foreign state and the certificate of death of the deceased person into Turkish and its ratification by the notary
  2. Go to the Magistrate’s Court in the area where the property is located to issue a inheritance inventory document.
  3. Go to the Directorate of Real Estate Records and you have a inheritance inventory document issued by the Turkish Court to carry out the transfer of property ownership

Who are the legal heirs to Turkish law?

  1.  If the deceased has a husband and children who live regardless of their gender, are males or females entitled to 1/4 inheritance to the wife and 3/4 inheritance to the children.
  2. If only children lived, the entire inheritance is divided equally between children regardless of their gender, male or female.
  3. If there are no children of the deceased person, the inheritance is divided between the wife and the parents, in which case the half is entitled to 1/2 of the inheritance to the wife and the other half to the parents.

These are the inheritance rights in Turkish inheritance law, this case varies according to the relatives of the deceased living (children, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brothers and others) and if the deceased has no legal heirs and if he does not have a will liberated in accordance with Turkish law, the entire funds remain for the government treasury of the Turkish Republic.

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Defects and advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

In recent years, Turkey’s real estate sector has become one of the most developed real estate markets in the world, with Istanbul becoming more developed and real estate projects in it constantly expanding, and the development wheel in Turkey is moving very quickly and in strides. Fixed Wherever you wonder Istanbul or other Turkish cities, you will inevitably be impressed by the unique style of its buildings, which blends the history of the past with the evolution of the present with the combination of the beauty of nature that God has distinguished this wonderful country with.

What distinguishes Turkey?

  • In Turkey the real estate market is racing its counterpart from the European and Arab markets, but it has become the best choice for investors and those wishing to settle in Turkey due to its characterization Turkey has a strategic location connecting the continents of the world, and for the amazing beauty of Istanbul and all of Turkey

  • Turkey also distinguishes it from combining European cultural development while preserving the values and principles of Islamic religion and general customs.
  • Turkey is the preferred destination for families looking for stability and raising their children in an advanced developed country while preserving the cultural or moral problems that some residents of Europe may experience

What are the reasons for the high value of real estate in Turkey?

The value of real estate investments in Turkey increases periodically for the following reasons:

  • Turkish state permanently improves infrastructure.
  •  Transformations and growth in general in the Turkish economy.
  • Increase cash flows from real estate. Property in Turkey
  • Impact of large demand in Turkish real estate market.
  • Announcement of new renovations and benefits.

What are the reasons why the property may be decreased in Turkey?

What is meant here is the reasons that if they occur in any property in any country they may lead to a decrease in its value and we will mention the most prominent reasons in brief and clear points as follows:

  • Forced sale of the property
  • Lack of maintenance and ongoing renovations of the property
  • Demand and supply conditions in the real estate market
  • Change government’s real estate investment laws
  • The reverse impact of deteriorating infrastructure and social services

What types of real estate investment in Turkey?

Real estate investment in Turkey is divided into two parts 

  • Residential real estate investment real estate investment in Turkey
  • Commercial real estate investment

What is residential real estate investment?

Is to invest in real estate that is used for residential purposes only.

What is commercial real estate investment?

Is to invest in properties that do not include housing by a family such as investment in (offices, shops, industrial properties, retail properties, hotels and student housing).)

A comparison between residential real estate investment and commercial real estate investment in terms of pros and cons?

1- The advantages and pros of commercial real estate investment in Turkey

  • Monthly income and investment returns from real estate are relatively high.
  • The owner of the property does not have to deal with expenses related to the repair and maintenance of the property or its development because often it is the tenant authorized to deal with the property in a way that suits his work and the purpose of renting it.
  • Tenants have money well because they’re commercial, so you won’t have a problem paying them for rent on a regular basis.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of commercial real estate investment in Turkey

  • The difficulty of finding tenants is sometimes a drawback of this type of real estate investment.
  • Influenced by general economic conditions, which may sometimes make the investment property rent-free.
  • It can also be a little difficult to sell property because the demand for commercial real estate as buying or owning is not as heavy as investing in residential real estate. 

2- Advantages of residential real estate investment in Turkey

  • Easy to find a tenant.
  • The place won’t be empty at any time, whether there are difficult economic conditions or not.
  • Easy sale of residential properties, especially if they are in a privileged area.

Negative housing real estate investment in Turkey

  • You will have to deal directly with tenants and find solutions to their problems yourself, but this problem has been solved with our company commitment real estate to establish the department of real estate management in Turkey
  • You may have problems like not paying rent on a regular basis.

Where is the best place to own a property in Turkey?

According to the desire and need of each person varies the preferred place for investment, in terms of the beauty of nature picturesque most Turkish cities are touristy and have spectacular views par excellence, as some Turkish cities are characterized by some industries or agriculture and some cities are characterized by their views on the coast of a sea such as the Black Sea or the Mediterranean Sea.

Istanbul in particular is the preferred destination for most Arab investors because of its huge commercial and tourism activity, followed by owning a property in Antalya, Bursa or Yalova.

Real estate prices in Turkey?

The price of the property varies from location to location in Turkey, as there are several factors such as the area of the property, the date of its construction, its location and the public services nearby. Is the property still in construction or ready for housing? All these factors contribute to determining the price of the property.
If the property is still under construction, the price is slightly low, leaving a good profit margin in the future for those wishing to own a commercial real estate investment.

For us at  Iltizam Real Estate Company in Istanbul, our prices are divided into three sections by region as follows.:

  1. Besiktas, Sisli, Atashehir.
    These areas, which are preferred by the elite of Turkish society and can be called the center of the city and are among the archaeological sites in Istanbul as well as overlooking the Bosphorus Strait and near the area of Fatih and Sultan Ahmed and Taksim area and Ayoub area and these areas are very crowded with buildings and there is rare land suitable for construction and thus the establishment of new projects in it is not available in a small percentage.
    Prices in this area start at $3,000, 000 to $6,000, 000 per meter..
  2. BashakSehir, , Mahmoud Bey, Bahcelievler.
    These areas are preferred by the majority of Turks as well as preferred by foreigners who are considering investing in Istanbul because prices are medium and can be purchased in installments from private or government projects.
    Prices in this area start at $800 to $1,300..
  3. Beylikdozu, Essenyurt, Arnavutkoy, Avcilar
    Real estate prices in these areas start at $400 to $700 per meter, noting that some properties overlooking the lakes scattered in this area are higher..

To consult and obtain investment real estate offers, you can contact one of our contact advisors or WhatsApp after clicking on the following number: 00905444333589

  1. What are the reasons for the high value of real estate in Turkey?

The value of real estate investments in Turkey increases periodically for the following reasons:
Turkish state permanently improves infrastructure.
 Transformations and growth in general in the Turkish economy.
Increased cash flows from real estate.
Impact of large demand in Turkish real estate market.
Announcement of new renovations and benefits.

  • What is residential real estate investment?

Residential real estate investment is investment in real estate used for residential purposes only.

  • Where is the best place to own a property in Turkey?

Istanbul in particular, where it is considered the preferred destination of most Arab investors because of its huge commercial and tourism activity followed by investment in Antalya, Bursa or Yalova.

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Turkey Real Estate || Investment in properties under construction in Turkey

Turkey Real Estate | In recent times, turkey’s real estate market has been growing dramatically and the Turkish government has made several amendments to turkey’s foreign ownership law, attracting the attention of many foreign investors, especially Arabs.

In this article we will talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a property under construction in Turkey

Non-ready investment projects or under construction in Turkey are an investment target for many investors, because of the high returns and profits that investors earn later but attention must be paid to the risks and disadvantages of this aspect of real estate investment To be able to know these defects and the ways of safety from them and how to get a successful opportunity to invest in real estate in Turkey, we will start by mentioning the disadvantages of this aspect. Real Estate Turkey Real Estate Investment

Defects in investing in a property still under construction:

  • There may be some disruption to the construction company implementing the project, resulting in the project not being completed or delayed in delivery.
  • If you buy a property in Turkey in installments, you may have some stumbles, resulting in you not being able to pay the rest of the installments.
  • After the completion of the sale of the entire project may open many doors to speculation which may force investors to sell at a lower price than expected Turkey real estate

Features and tips to pay attention to when purchasing a property under construction:

  • Be sure to buy the property at the beginning of the offers launched by the established company, as prices in the beginning are encouraging and distinctive, which provides a significant reduction in the first installment and in installments
  • Make sure you pay as much as possible as you can as a down payment, to ensure reduced premiums, which reduces the likelihood that you will be unable to pay the rest of your dues later.
  • Make sure that you agree with the construction company on the right installments for you and you can use one of the consultants of Iltizam Real Estate Consulting Company in Turkey to provide studies and offers that suit you and suit your estimated budget for real estate investment in Turkey
  • Make sure that the location of the property is distinctive and close to public services and that the apartment is in modern designs and modern and with a good view, ensuring strength during the sale of the apartment later
  • Be sure to deal with companies with confidence in the Turkish market
  • Avoid speculating on prices that start immediately after delivery and don’t rush to sell your apartment, because the wheel of sale may lose you a lot of expected profits.
  • After purchasing the property you can benefit from the after-sales services provided to you by Iltizam Real Estate Consulting Turkey Real Estate

Services provided to you by Iltizam Real Estate: Turkey Real Estate || Real estate investment

We at Iltizam Real Estate in Istanbul pay great attention to our valued customers in the study phase to choose the appropriate projects and then the stage of field tours and selection on the ground but the greatest interest in the post-purchase phase, which is a stage where we pay great attention where it is the stage where our valued customers will reap what has been built and targeted so we provide the service of managing real estate property such as follow-up and rental of residential apartments in which our customers want to invest in. As well as commercial and tourism projects and so on until we reach the degree of trust and commitment with our valued customers

To contact one of The Iltizam Real Estate Company’s consultants, you can call:

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Turkey’s real estate market where is it headed?!

Turkey’s real estate market where is it headed?!

In an interview with Al Arabi 21 with Professor AbdulMutallab Arba, head of the Islamic Economics Department at Istanbul University, the leader of several questions, including

Q: Where will we see the real estate sector in Turkey in the coming period?
Is he still attractive to foreign investment?
Or will he back down in the future?

Professor AbdulMutallab’s answer was as follows

AThe real estate sector in Turkey enjoys great attraction due to the relative and competitive advantages that always make it the leading country in the world attracting real estate investment, where this has been proven for years and continued in an upward curve that achieves profit and profitable investment returns for all members of this promising sector.

Turkey enjoys growing population growth annually, jumping from 1.3% to 1.6%, and continues to increase in average per capita income, which is driven by ambitions to acquire better housing. In terms of buying foreigners, let’s not forget the impact of Turkey’s unique position and resources on attracting investors.

We expect a jump in the real estate sector during and after the COV crisis, and it is enough to announce that real estate sales in January 2020 increased year-on-year by 56%, and the reduction in bank returns pushed accumulated and deferred demand to the completion stage of transactions .

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The results of success of the anti-Corona. Turkey returns to normal life

Turkey returns to normal life

Thanks to the good and distinctive preventive measures taken by the Turkish government, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a series of measures to restore normalcy in Turkey, after successfully curbing and controlling the spread of the CORONA virus

When to open flights to Turkey 

The Turkish Airlines administration has announced the date of the return of flights in Turkey internal and foreign, and indeed the internal air traffic between the cities of Turkey began on June 4 this month, as for foreign flights to and from Turkey, the Turkish Ministry of Health issued a circular announcing the easing of preventive measures, and the lifting of the restrictions imposed on the reception of medical tourism wishers from outside Turkey, This circular included allowing patients from 31 countries to travel to Turkey and these countries as follows: :

Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Djibouti, Kosovo, northern Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Somalia, Germany, England, Netherlands, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Turkish Cyprus.

As for the date of the full opening of the flight and the return of tourism activity, it is expected to be in the middle of this month 15 June.