باشاك شهير

Bashakşehir district of Istanbul

Istanbul with its vast area contains many residential areas including new ones and old ones including archaeological places but in general Istanbul is a city to say the least distinctive
In this article we will learn about the best residential areas in Istanbul where housing or real estate investment is recommended.

Bashakşehir Region

Bashakşehir is one of the best areas for Turks and investors to distinguish and provide all the requirements of life and well-being at the same time as it contains many distinctive hospitals and public and international schools, and also contains the largest park in Europe and many gardens of grilling, large mosques, mobile bazaar (market), malls and hotels, and in this article we will list the advantages of housing, stability or investment in the Area of Bashakşehir.

 Arabs in Basakşehir 

Arab investors living in this region acquire a large proportion of the population, the Area of Bashakşehir is a new area characterized by planning and is eager for Arab investors and those who want to settle to enjoy this area higher than most areas of Istanbul and the availability of all facilities and the increase in real estate prices constantly in this area.

Transportation in Basakşehir

In The Bashakşehir area there are many means of transportation that provide easy of movement to all areas of Istanbul. .

Education in Basakşehir

Basakşehir region is waiting for the opening of one of the largest public universities in Turkey and some private universities have been opened and still waiting for the opening of the rest of the universities under construction, as available in Basakşehir many public, private and international schools for all stages of study from kindergarten to high school.

Health in Basakşehir 

Bashakşehir area contains more than 20 state medical institutions between hospitals, health centers and comprehensive clinics, other than the large number of hospitals and private medical centers, as the Area of Basakşehir awaits the opening of the largest medical complex in Europe, which will increase the demand for residence in this area and in turn there will be an increase in real estate prices and this is a good opportunity for those who want to invest in the region of Bashakşehir .

Apartment prices in Basakşehir

For those who want to buy an apartment in Basakşehir, the prices of apartments in The Bashakşehir area start at $800 to $1,300. Prices vary, of course, depending on the location of the property to be bought or invested in. Most investors in Bashakşehir resort to buying an apartment and then rent it to tourists and residents or buy an apartment. After a while, the investor gets a profit with the purchase process. And the rapid sale due to the continuous increase in the prices of apartments in Basakşehir which of course will increase in demand after the opening of the hospital, university and schools.

Rent in Bashakşehir

The area of Bashakşehir has increased the demand of foreign tenants recently because it enjoys all the requirements of life and luxury at the same time, it has opened a famous Bashakşehir on malls, green areas, hospitals, mosques, schools, universities and transportation and enjoy it to rise from most areas of Istanbul and its excellence in the religious and conservative center and the rental prices in Bashakşehir range from 1200 Turkish lira to 2500 Turkish pounds and of course under the price of different places and spaces .

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