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Important information before buying a property in Turkey

Many of us are thinking of buying an apartment in Turkey and this article hopefully will help you a lot with some information to know before starting a property purchase procedure in Turkey and we will show you the definition of the most important terms used and the most important points to pay attention to.

God willing, with The Iltizam Real Estate Company in Istanbul, the whole picture will be clear to you and you will make the right decision.

And there are some important interests. :- 

Tabu: – Is the Property deed in Turkey and it is the most important word you should know before buying a property in Turkey and it is the only paper that proves that you owned the property.

Housing Certificate: – Is the certificate provided by the local authorities to the area where the property is located and it indicates that you can start living in the residential complex or in this area, which is also a certificate that the residential complex has been delivered water, electricity and gas and is delivered only when the construction of the property is completed

But if you are going to buy an apartment or house in Turkey under construction, you must check the building permit.

As for the important step is the location of the property or apartment you are considering buying, you should make sure it suits your ambition and the privileges you need.

After choosing the appropriate area, the projects in it, whether under construction or ready to live, are determined according to your current capacity and the need to live quickly or not, as well as to know the services adjacent and so on…

After settling on the area and a specific project, the tabu, the housing certificate or the building permit will be confirmed, and then we start the important stage, which is negotiation, and the appropriate real estate company that you trust to agree with the owner must be selected according to your financial capacity and the budget set for purchase.

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