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Information about Istanbul’s Essenyurt region, living and investing in it

Istanbul’s Essenyurt region and its housing and investment features, its most beautiful tourist destinations, and how far from taksim and the city center

When it comes to Istanbul’s most famous regions, the context of the conversation leads us to the famous Essenyurt region, where is Istanbul’s Essenyurt region? What are the most important advantages of investing in Essenyurt and staying there? What are its most important landmarks, markets and gardens? And what do you know about the vital Essenyurt Square?

We answer these questions and address other important points in the following lines:

* The municipality of Essenyurt in Istanbul has an area of 2,770 square kilometers, and according to recent statistics released by the Department of Public Souls in early 2020, the population of Essenyurt: 954,579 people, and young people make up a large segment of its population, and the population of the region is divided into 43 residential locality within it.

* Essenyurt was established as an independent municipality on 22 March 2008, under Sadr Law No. 5747. The history of urbanization in Essenyurt dates back to the 19th century, when it was an agricultural area pumping its crops to other areas, called ” Essenyurt ” relative to one of its owners.

Where is Istanbul’s Essenyurt region?

* Located in the European part of Istanbul, the Essenyurt region is bordered to the south by the E-5 highway, and behind it are the Avcilar and Beylikduzu regions, overlooking The Kucukcekmece Lake, which is the gateway to the Istanbul Canal Project . New, west side on Lake Buyukcekmece.

* Essenyurt is about 45 km from Istanbul’s new airport, approximately 3 km from the shore of the Sea of Marmara, with an important location and surroundings, and a good transport network.

 How far is the Essenyurt area from Taksim?

* Essenyurt was well and vitally located, with two very important highways passing through it: the E80 and the E5 Highway, which are a lifeline for the entire city, through which Essenyurt can reach all other vital areas of the city.

* The Essenyurt area is about 31 km from Taksim, and Taksim area can be reached by car in approximately 30 minutes at non-peak times, about 1 hour and 20 minutes using public transport, or using metrobus, one of Istanbul’s most important and fastest transportation.

Housing features in Istanbul’s Essenyurt district

* In recent years, The Essenyurt region has become one of the most vibrant areas, due to many of the advantages that have driven investors and many segments of society to live or invest in it.

One of the most important features of accommodation and accommodation in Essenyurt:

  • Its acceptable location in terms of proximity to the city center.
  • Competitive property prices for the rest of the other regions.
  • Relatively low property rent.
  • Good municipal services and abundant service facilities.
  • Its proximity to the modern Beylikduzu and Basaksehir area.
  • The dynamic and fast road network it serves.
  • Essenyurt is also known for its cheap popular markets, in parallel with many important malls.

4. Essenyurt Markets

Istanbul’s European region of Esnewort hosts more than 20 large shopping malls, as well as dozens of other popular markets and shopping malls.

Perhaps one of the largest malls in Essenyurt, the most important of which are: Marmara Park Mall, The Toriumm Mall on the E5 Highway, adjacent to the Beylikduzu area.

Among the most important popular vital markets: Essenyurt Square and Bazar Thursday.

5. Essenyurt Meydan

Essenyurt Square is a clear picture of the nature and diversity of the region, with Essenyurt Square being one of the most active areas in Essenyurt.

The square is heavily popular for shopping from its various stores, or dining in its restaurants with different kitchens.

You will also not miss those restaurants that serve many Arabic dishes, which were opened by the Arabs there in response to the wishes of the growing Arab community for which Essenyurt has chosen a stable.

Essenyurt Square is decorated with the Central Mosque of Essenyurt, which was built in the style of ancient Ottoman mosques.

6. Erdogan Essenyurt Park

Essenyurt has more than 60 children’s gardens and 10 large gardens that are an important outlet for its inhabitants.

Among the most famous gardens are Essenyurt: Martyrs’ Park, Erdogan Park, or President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Garden.

Transportation in Essenyurt

 The E-5 and E-80 motorways are the life bloods of Istanbul and pass at the northern and southern ends of Essenyurt, two of the most important routes leading to it..

On the E-5 route, the Metrobus/ Metro bus, which provides the Essenyurt region with one of the most important and fastest transportation in the city, allows the area to be connected to other areas and Asian Istanbul quickly and smoothly.

The area is close to the D100, the TEM road and the associated roads, which facilitates access from all over the city.

Work is under way to build a subway road through the Territory of Essenyurt, which will reach the city center in record time, and is expected to serve more than 70,000 people per day..

8. Investment advantages in the Essenyurt region

With increasing numbers of modern residential complexes, Essenyurt is appealing to many those who want to own property, whether for accommodation or investment.

Essenyurt lured investors with its modern complexes, accepted real estate prices and apartments, population density, and by virtue of its proximity to the most important modern areas of European Istanbul, such as the modern and strategic Region of BasakŞehir and the modern and strategic Beylikduzu region.

9. Advantages of buying an apartment in the Essenyurt region

One of the most important features of buying an apartment in the Essenyurt region:

  • There are many modern complexes in them.
  • Relatively acceptable real estate prices.
  • Its proximity to Bashakşehir, which is one of the most important and active real estate areas.
  • Its location adjacent to the E5 and E80 motorways, providing a strong link to the city center and other areas.
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