Park Mavera Complexes – Istanbul European in Bashkşehir Region

Basakşehir is the new city center of Istanbul as it includes the major development projects of the Turkish government such as the Istanbul Canal project, istanbul new airport, the largest medical city in Turkey and other vital projects, apart from acquiring large green spaces that gave it a moderate atmosphere good seasons, which led to attracting many residential and commercial projects that bear the signature of the major construction companies in the city due to the increased demand for housing in it.

Details of the Park Mavera Project 3

Park Mavera 3 has an area of 50,000 square meters, consisting of 9 buildings with modern designs and heights of up to 16 floors, including 723  apartments, with wide styles and options ranging from a studio to five rooms and a lounge, with integrated kitchen fittings, and extensive views of botanic park opposite the project apart from other views of the city through the spacious balconies.

Park Mavera 3 has a unique selection of the entertainment world of the closed swimming pool and the ancient Turkish bath, passing through the sauna room and gym with its technical equipment, as well as the children’s nursery and the project garden with spacious green spaces and family sessions next to the water tables, to the commercial market of 120 shops of shopping houses, restaurants and cafes.

The importance of the site of the Park Mavera project

Residential and investment importance of ownership in the project:

Bashakşehir is the new center of Istanbul, owning land suitable for large investments in the city, and continues to grow in conjunction with increased private sector investment in it, in addition to the continued government investments starting close to the new Istanbul International Airport through the Istanbul Canal project to start drilling next year to be a response to the Bosphorus when it opens in 2023 We cannot fail to talk about the opening of Basakşehir as the largest medical complex in Europe with 456 intensive care beds, as well as the largest botanical garden in Turkey, which is 3 km from our Park Mavera 3 project with an area of 380 1,000 square meters, down to several subway stations, Hawaray and tram  stations under construction, scheduled to operate in the next few months.

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