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New Istanbul Canal Opportunities and Challenges

The Turkish state is making one of the most important future investments that will significantly affect the Turkish economy in the coming period. Construction work has begun on the new Istanbul Canal project, which Turkey is seeking to double the pace of construction in the coming period due to the severe sensitivity experienced by cargo ships as they pass through the Bosphorus as a result of the heavy congestion. The canal is expected to be 45 km long and will link the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara.

Once the canal was announced, land prices and surrounding projects began to rise, a huge investment that investors began to look at, especially since real estate investment is one of the most profitable and high-yielding areas. Perhaps notable are the fortunate opportunities for some landowners in the area around the canal’s construction site, for example, the price per meter in the village of Shamler has risen from $6.50 per square meter to $184 per meter and in some areas has risen from $25 to $800.

One of the most vital municipalities overlooking the canal is the Arnaut Koi region. It is located on the European side of Istanbul and is bordered by Sultan Ayoub, Bashakshehir and Essenyurt to the south-east, Buyukcekmecr to the south and Catalca to the west.

The region is characterized by its weather as one of the best weather rituals in Turkey.

The place also has many tourist and archaeological places such as palaces scattered throughout the city.

This region is very attractive to investors and to foreign investment.

Villa and office projects are one of the most successful real estate projects in the city and the quality of construction and the different types and forms of real estate ensure that all opportunities in this region are made the most of.

One of the biggest advantages of the Arnavutkoy region is its proximity to the Basakşehir region, which is characterized by a very large spread of Islamic features and the majority of its residents are Arabs and committed nationalities such as Afghans, Chechens and others.

The region is also characterized by many services close to it, such as Istanbul’s third airport project, the world’s largest botanical garden and the world’s largest medical center.

All these services make real estate investment or buying property in this region one of the best decisions that can be made in this period, especially with the economic fluctuations that are currently occurring where the Real Estate Division of Turkey said that real estate prices are expected to rise by 60% next year so the opportunity is currently limited to buy before the price changes according to the change in the price of the Turkish lira.

The area also has many international and government schools, imam and khatib schools, which makes it possible for the family to choose the most suitable school for their children without worrying about distance or how they reach schools.

Istanbul may be one of the busiest cities in the world, but work is under way to increase transportation and transportation projects, particularly metro lines, which may reach the construction of a metro line almost every year recently.

The standard of living in Turkey is also very low compared to the Gulf and Arab countries in general. Turkey enjoys political stability compared to all Arab countries, making it an excellent choice for all those wishing to settle down.

Turkey also has many powerful universities around the world where students come from all walks of life, especially Istanbul, which has more than 40 universities. Enrolling in a high-quality university as well as its proximity to the housing area makes stability in the city one of the best options a person can take for the future of his family in the current period.

As for those who want to invest in Turkey, this region is an excellent opportunity, especially since it is located on the Istanbul Canal first. Secondly, because real estate in general rises annually in Turkey at a very high rate and the deterioration of the lira in the current period and the current lack of rise of real estate according to the new exchange rate makes investment in the current period in Turkish real estate a golden opportunity that may not be compensated, especially for those wishing to invest and obtain Turkish citizenship.

In this area, you can invest in many projects such as residential and agricultural land, offices, purchase of prefabricated properties or properties under construction.

Iltizam Real Estate Investment company is one of the leading companies in this field and provides many opportunities and projects in the region.

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