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Turkish export train arrives in China

Turkey’s Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adel Qara Ismailoglu announced the completion of the first Turkish export train to China directly, arriving Saturday in Xian.

“The Turkish export train completed its journey from Istanbul to Xian, China, non-stop,” Qara Ismailoglu tweeted.

He added that the Turkish export train showed the whole world how strong turkey is, in every city it has passed through.
He continued: The Turkish Minister of Transport that the Turkish export train project is a new achievement for Turkey in the field of transport by rail.

The train set off on December 4th on a direct trip to China, and a farewell ceremony was held at The Kazli Jisham station in the European part of Istanbul, in the presence of a large number of officials, most notably the Minister of Communications and Infrastructure.

The train travelled 8,693 kilometers (5,402 miles) crossing Europe and Asia, the Marmara and Qazouin seas and five countries “Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China”

Turkey’s Achievements

This Turkish intercontinental export train project is part of a series of large-scale Turkish projects recently pursued by Turkey aimed at restoring Turkey’s global leading role.

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