Important information before buying a property in Turkey

This article will help you a lot before thinking about buying a property in Turkey and the necessary conditions so buying a property in Istanbul or a house in Turkey makes you think a lot and, God willing, with a commitment company is clear to you the whole picture and make the right decision God willing.

There are also important reformers:

Tabu: – is the title of property in Turkish, the most important word you should know before buying a property in Turkey is the only paper that proves that you own the property.

The certificate of residence: – The certificate provided by the local authorities of the area where the property is located, which shows that you can start living in the residential complex is also a certificate that the residential complex was delivered water, electricity and gas, which is not delivered only when the completion of the building and This is the case when you buy an apartment or house in Turkey in the construction phase

And then the next step after knowing this information is to choose the area where the property will be purchased and make sure that it suits your ambition and the privileges you need and after choosing the appropriate area, the projects will be determined whether they are under construction or ready for housing according to your current ability and the need for housing quickly or not, Knowing the neighboring services and so on after the stability on the area and a specific project is to check the taboo and housing certificate or building permit and so we start the important stage is to negotiate and choose the appropriate for you and agree with the owner on your financial ability as well as understanding the culture of the Turkish people Negotiations can accomplish these things.

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