Mega real estate projects in Istanbul

نشرت من قبل iltizam في

In this article we will tell you, God willing, the news of mega projects in Turkey as well as projects in Istanbul, and the results of the infrastructure mechanism in Turkey

In this article we will talk about the new project is Istanbul Airport, which will become the largest airport in the world and what are the projects and the approximate services and will distinguish the areas near the new airport

The most important real estate areas benefiting from the new Istanbul airport: –

Is the region of Bashak famous and many projects very close to the new airport as the Turkish President announced at the opening of the new airport that it will be the largest airport in the world as it is open after receiving one million passengers in 9 days The new airport is the prospects for the future and the project will be an extension of projects Large in Istanbul and these projects.

And the opening of the island of democracy and freedom in late 2019 as well as the southern Marmara road, one of Turkey’s important projects in 2020 as well as the Zigana Tunnel in Turkey: the longest tunnel in Europe in 2021 Istanbul Airport a new start in the development of infrastructure in Turkey

We are a commitment company. We will provide you with competitive and distinguished projects. In addition to providing outstanding investment solutions through Al-Azzam Investment Management, we are from the beginning to the end

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